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TVPaint Newsletter - February 2009

In order to begin this newsletter with joyful and good mood, TVP wishes you a (Chinese) happy new year.
Yes, we are a little late... but better late than never.
Paul Fierlinger


Table of contents

o Mark Chong's Tutorials
o Paul Fierlinger's Interview
o TVP Animation and Educational interest
o Anima Festival
o Upgrade TVP Animation 8.x to 9.0 !


Mark Chong's Tutorials

What's new with TVPaint? TVPaint's website has many new video tutorials by Mark Chong (AKA lemec), including how to animate a bouncing ball, colorize your animations, animate characters to a voice track, create stop motion movies and configure your brushes.

You can also download the *.TVP project files for the tutorials to help you understand and reproduce the process. You can find Mark's tutorials here. For now, the tutorials are only in English, and French translations are pending. Other tutorials are coming soon, but that's the subject of another newsletter!
Mark Chong
Bouncing Ball
Mark Chong


Paul Fierlinger's Interview

Asaf Agranat's interview with Paul Fierlinger is available in both English and French, here. Asaf Agranat's interview with Paul Fierlinger is available in both English and French.

Come and discover Paul Fierlinger's story with TVP Animation, as well as some secrets about the making of "My dog Tulip", his first feature length animated film.
Paul Fierlinger
Image from "My dog Tulip"
Hisko Hulsing
Image from "My dog Tulip"


TVP Animation and Educational interest

Schools throughout the world use TVP Animation (in Japan, USA, Mexico, Korea, Canada, Benelux, and France, of course). Thanks to its intuitive interface and its numerous possibilities, this software is the best tool for all artistic formations : art option, cinema audiovisual option, schools and academy of arts, animation schools etc...
Even the French National Education Ministry attributes to TVP Animation an educational interest.

RIP logo

The Logo RIP (Reconnu d'Intéret Pédagogique) is a very exceptional recognition mark, because it helps and guides teachers in educational multimedia. After evaluating by specialists and multimedia commission's decision, this logo allows to identify which software and multimedia creations answer the best to educational system needs.


Anima Festival

TVPaint Developpement is great to participate to Anima festival, which will take place next to Bruxelles, on February 20-28 2009. We hope you will be numerous to come. Don't hesitate to say a little "hello" to our stand! More information about festival.
You also could contact the organizers : philippe@folioscope.be dominique@folioscope.be and office@folioscope.be
Anima Festival
Anima Festival


Upgrade TVP Animation 8.x to 9.0 !

You don't yet upgrade your software ? What are you waiting for ? If your in possession of the 8.x version, prices are lower for you ! More information here.
Upgrade Now
You will find the complete price list of our products on the store and prices webpage

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