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TVPaint Newsletter - April 2010


Table of contents

o Update : TVP animation 9.5.12
o TVP animation Open Beta on Linux
o CelAction and TVPaint Développement
o TVPaint rewarded by the Lorraine Region
o New tutorials
o TVP Animation 9.5 Pricing and availability


Update : TVP animation 9.5.12


TVPaint Développement announces the release of a new update. This update fixes some small bugs and contains two new great features : a playback for Out of Pegs and a Smoothing option to make your inking easier.

The Shape settings panel will appear with a simple right-click on the Main panel's tools.

Smooth option

Don't wait and enjoy ! The update is free for all TVP animation 9 users.



TVP animation Open Beta on Linux


TVPaint Développement is pleased to announce the availability of TVP Animation 9.5 Professional Edition open Beta on Linux.

Before downloading, please read several details concerning this Beta version :

-This Beta version can be used on Linux Ubuntu 32 and 64 bits with x86 processors (Pentium 4, Athlon XP and higher).
-This Beta version can be used until September 15th 2010.
-This Beta version contains the same features available on the official Mac and PC versions but may have bugs.
-TVPaint Développement won't support this Beta version. However, feel free to let us know your feelings about the software on the forum.
-This Beta version authorizes saves and exports, but you are not allow to use this Beta version for lucrative aims.
-This Beta version must not be installed into schools (secondary school, high-school, universities, academies...)

In order to download the Beta version of TVP Animation 9.5 Professional Edition, please click here and fill the form.

Linux <3 TVP



CelAction and TVPaint


TVPaint and CelAction work together to create the ultimate bitmap workflow

London, UK (24 March 2010) - CelAction and TVPaint Développement announced today their collaboration to make TVPaint Animation export seamlessly into CelAction2D, allowing users to create bitmap animation faster and more efficiently than ever before.

TVPaint Animation users can now export layered files including animated frames directly into CelAction2D, which uses new tools to automatically rig character models based on the original file. Animators can work in a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") fashion, secure in the knowledge that their drawings will be kept intact throughout the production process.

"We have always allowed and encouraged our users to utilise the best drawing software available, and now we can provide an even better workflow for bitmap production, using TVPaint's incredible drawing tools to create assets, and then bringing them into CelAction2D for extra power and flexibility," said CelAction's Andy Blazdell. "There are some graphic styles that only work well as bitmaps, so you can't always rely on 3D or vector techniques. CelAction2D and TVPaint Animation work together to make high-quality TV series and feature film production even easier."


"CelAction's focus on streamlined workflow is the perfect match for TVPaint Animation," said Fabrice Debarge of TVPaint Développement. "Now artists are free to create what they want, without having to worry if they are making things too complex for large-scale production."

This is not the first time that CelAction has collaborated with other software companies. In June last year they announced product compatibility with Digital Video's Story Planner Pro, and they continue to promote interoperability between different software vendors, to offer robust, flexible solutions that deliver the best that technology has to offer. By the way, CelAction2D is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

About CelAction Ltd.

London-based CelAction has been providing animation software solutions to the 2D industry for over 10 years, helping to create massively successful award-winning series such as Peppa Pig, Little Princess and Charlie & Lola. Their flagship product, CelAction2D, allows small teams of animators to work on very complicated shows, creating high-quality animation in short time-frames, in a variety of visual styles.

For more information about CelAction, please visit

About TVPaint Développement

TVPaint Développement is a French company that was founded in 1997 by Hervé Adam, following the success of the software TVPaint, created for the Commodore Amiga in 1991. They are currently developing and selling TVP Animation (previously known as Aura, Mirage and TVPaint), the first unified paperless 2D animation production system, used in studios worldwide to make commercials, TV series and feature films.

For more information about TVPaint Développement, please visit



TVPaint rewarded by the Lorraine Region


On February 3rd 2010, TVPaint Développement received an award from the Lorraine region for our innovative technology and dynamism. We have received this in part for your fidelity, so thank you all TVPaint users !

For this occasion, a little documentary about the company was made by JB Communication

Lorraine Export



Tutorials webpage improved


The webpage with the tutorials has been improved in order to make it easier to locate any tutorials you may need. The tutorials are now separated by their functionality of content (TVP animation 8 or TVP animation 9), their levels of difficulty, and the type of aid they provide (video or simple text).

By the way, two new tutorials made by Mark Chong have been added and both last about 40 minutes ! Thanks to these tutorials (and to Mark (-:) you will learn how to animate, use the custom brushes and colors, use the auto-pick, and create a storyboard etc...

Tutorial       Tutorial



TVP Animation 9.5 Pricing and availabilities

Full Version Prices
TVP Animation 9.5 Standard Edition 475€
TVP Animation 9.5 Professional Edition 950€
Educational Version Prices
TVP Animation 9.5 Standard Edition 250€
TVP Animation 9.5 Professional Edition 475€

You didn't upgrade yet your software ? What are you waiting for ? If you are in possession of the 8.x version, prices are lower for you ! More information here.

Electronical Upgrade Prices

Upgrade TVP Animation 9.5 Standard Edition        >>>     TVP Animation 9.5 Professional Edition

Upgrade TVP Animation 8 Standard Edition          >>>     TVP Animation 9.5 Standard Edition 250€
Upgrade TVP Animation 8 Standard Edition          >>>     TVP Animation 9.5 Professional Edition 700€
Upgrade TVP Animation 8 Professional Edition    >>>     TVP Animation 9.5 Professional Edition 475€

Upgrades from Mirage and Aura are not available anymore !

Upgrade Now