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TVPaint Animation 10.5 release

TVPaint Dévelopepment is proud to present you the version 10.5 of TVPaint Animation Standard and Professional Edition.Of course, many new features and improvements have been added in TVPaint Animation 10.5. We hope you will appreciate them.

This update is free for all TVPaint animation 10 users. Click here to enjoy it.

You don't have a TVPaint Animation 10 license ? Don't hesitate to peek an eye to our price list at the bottom of this newsletter or take the liberty to contact us.

Workflow enhancement

Share your files over the network instantaneously

TVPaint Animation 10.5 Professional Edition's « TVPaint Animation 10.5 features » panel allows you to send TVPaint projects and custom panels to other users on the same network.

Files sent via the « TVPaint Animation 10.5 features » will automatically appear in the recipient's TVPaint Animation 10.5 Professional Edition interface, making desk notes and email notifications a thing of the past!

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Automatic save alarm

Never forget to save your files with again! The Save Alarm can be configured to give you a reminder whenever a certain amount of time passes since the last time you saved your project.

Combining the save alarm with the Auto Backup option, will give you greater insurance against losing hours of work!

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Advanced .tvpp file compression

Activating this option in your preferences will use a more thorough compression algorithm when saving your projects, resulting in smaller file sizes without compromising image quality.

But most importantly: Files saved with advanced compression cannot be opened by versions of TVPaint Animation older than 10.5.0.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Embed Custom panels into your .tvpp files

Are you tired of trying to keep project-specific custom panels and their projects together? TVPaint Animation 10.5 lets you embed your custom panels into your projects.

Each time you open that project, the embedded custom panels will appear at the same time. Whenever you send the project file to your colleagues, the embedded custom panels will go for the ride!

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Embed Sound files into your .tvpp files

Just like the custom panels, sound tracks can be embedded into your project. Now you can archive and/or send your projects to colleagues with the audio stored in one file!

You can configure this in Project > Dependencies > Save dependencies in the project.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Drawing and painting tools enhancement

Color your animations thanks to the « Filled stroke tool »

This new function of the Filled Stroke tool will flood any closed line shapes with the current colour when they are completely encircled by a looped stroke. Unlike the conventional « Flood fill tool », using the « Filled Stroke » tool with Fill Inside doesn't require as much manual precision. However, you can still set the Filled Stroke tool to respect gaps of a certain size, expand or contract the fill edges, set the tolerance of the boundary detector and make it include or exclude lines from the fill. It may seem complex, but we felt the added flexibility of options was necessary to let users adjust the tool to work with a wide variety of drawing styles.

This feature is really useful, especially if you have many little zones to fill in a pencil drawing.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

The « line smoothing » option influences the « Filled stroke tool ».

The « line smoothing » - that you already knows – allowed you to draw smooth lines and avoid trembling lines.

Now, the same parameters will affect the « Filled stroke tool », in order to smooth shapes.

By the way, the « line smoothing » can be assigned to a hotkey, in order to activate and inactivate it quickly.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

New « Projection » parameter for custom brushes

This new option makes use of tilt-sensitive tablets to distort the custom brush, stretching it out in the direction of tilt. In particular, this added dimension of control will make it much easier to add controllable variety to brushes meant for simulating spatter, hair, plants, flames, dust sprays or other effects where splashiness and non-uniformity is required.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

FX «Line colorize»

This FX can apply the background or foreground colour to line art, but most interestingly, can use colour applied in other layers to create multi-coloured line art.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

FX « Tint replacer » and « Color replacer »

The old « Color Replacer » FX has been modified and split into two separate effects : « Tint replacer » and « Color replacer ». The Tint Replacer functions much like the original Color Replacer did, shifting a range of colours to match the hue and saturation of a user-specified colour. The Colour Replacer will change a selected colour(with adjustable tolerance and softness) with a SINGLE specific colour, making it useful for quantizing individual colours.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

FX « Expand »

This FX can expand the contour of a filled shape, which is useful for correcting fills in post production while preserving variations in opacity and colour.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Colour Palette: Hexidecimal colour entry field

We made this option for people who work on web content. You'll find it at the bottom of the Colour palette in an expandable tab of the « Slider tab ».

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Adjustable colour palette swatches in the « Bin »

Weren't those teeny tiny little squares difficult to click? Right click the Bin to bring up the Bin's menu and go to Colors Size to double or quadruple the colour swatch size to make them big and beautiful!

Moreover, with a simple right click, you will have the possibility to turn your Bin as a custom panel.

And, at least, you will have finally the possibility to resize the Bin's width.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Animation-related improvements

Framerate accuracy indicator

Now the proxy bar turns red whenever frames are dropped during playback -- something you should take as a warning sign that you've dialed your playback quality settings too high for your system to handle! Take some time to find that balanced sweet-spot between quality and performance to ensure that the animation that you see is the animation your audience sees!

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Link multiple « Out-of-pegs » light table cel offsets together

When the « Out-of-pegs » position of multiple cels are linked in the light table, moving one of them will move all of them as a group.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

New hotkeys for animators to flip (and backflip) over!

Animation can now be flipped both backwards and forwards with the [H] and [J] keys (by default).

The Flip's duration can be changed in Windows > Settings > Preview settings.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Layer attenuation option

The Display Current Layer (which hides all other layers except the current one) function has been changed to fade the opacity of all other layers.

The option opacity control the faded opacity for other layers when Display Current Layer is activated may be found in: Windows > Settings > Display settings > « Layer attenuation ».

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Recompute exposure with threshold

This feature is useful when you're trying to convert an existing video to a storyboard in TVPaint. You can import a video file as a layer, select a range of frames and then use Image > Exposure > Recompute Exposure with Threshold.

TVPaint will analyse the selected range of footage for adjacent frames that are similar (within the specified threshold) and discard the similar frames, turning them into multi-exposure instances.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Apply the current instance on all instances with the same name

Do you remember ? When TVPaint Animation 10 arrived, you had then the possibility to name an instance.

In version 10.5, we added a button to the « Animator Panel » custom panel which will copy the contents from the current instance to all instances with the same name.

This button is located in the custom panel « Animator Panel », in the « Instances » section.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Improved stopwatch

Various functions of the Stopwatch may be assigned to hotkeys, most notably the function to mark the beat.

You can also create soundtracks linked to the tempo or the rhythm marked with the Stopwatch. This sound will be linked to the TVPaint project.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Miscellaneous improvements

Improved .CSV export

The CSV export allows you to export your animation Xsheets on most spreadsheet software (Excel, Open Office...). Images from each layer are saved into their own folders with a clearer naming convention.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Import and export color group

Do you need to distribute your special preferences for your Color Groups? They can now be imported/exported in TVPaint Animation 10.5.

You can also select a group of layer with a simple right click.

New zoom tool

« Zoom to zone » is a new zoom tool added to TVPaint Animation 10.5 that lets you zoom into a user-drawn rectangular region.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Separate Custom Panels menu

Many of our TVPaint Animation users seem to enjoy amassing large collections of custom panels, so we made it a lot easier to access them by giving them their own dedicated menu.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

Record tutorials easily

With the new « Screen Recorder » custom panel, you'll be able to record your TVPaint interface and create video tutorials about your workflow and how to use the software.

TVPaint Animation 10.5 features

TVPaint at Cartoon Forum - Toulouse

For the first year, the TVPaint Développement team will enjoy the Cartoon Forum in Toulouse (France), from 17-20 September 2013. The Cartoon Forum is one of the most essential event to know, in advance, the future animated TV series in projects and meet producers and directors.

You are a director and you are looking for the ideal tool to make your movie ? Don't hesitate to take a rendez-vous on our website. The members of the TVPaint staff will be pleased to meet you, answer your questions and show you the capacities of TVPaint Animation 10 Professional Edition.

Cartoon Forum


Here is the prices list to upgrade your old TVPaint Animation 9 to the spanking new version 10 ! You can go visit our webstore to proceed with the upgrade.

Upgrade : Full Commercial Prices
TVPaint Animation 9 Professional to TVPaint Animation 10 Professional 590 euros*
TVPaint Animation 9 Standard to TVPaint Animation 10 Standard 250 euros*
TVPaint Animation 10 Standard to TVPaint Animation 10 Professional 685 euros*
TVPaint Animation 9 Standard to TVPaint Animation 10 Professional 935 euros*

Don't have TVPaint Animation 9 ? Would you like to purchase a new license? Here are the prices of the TVPaint Animation 10 full-version licences. You can visit our webstore to proceed with the purchase.

Full Commercial Prices
TVPaint Animation 10 Professional 1180 euros*
TVPaint Animation 10 Standard 495 euros*
Educational Prices
TVPaint Animation 10 Professional 495 euros*
TVPaint Animation 10 Standard 250 euros*

Are you a TVPaint 8 owner in need of an upgrade ? Would you like to purchase several licenses in network ? You have any other question about TVPaint Animation 10 ? Please, feel free to contact us !

* duty free prices. If you are in the European Union, you will have to pay the French VAT (+19,6%), unless you have a VAT number.