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"Creamers" Kickstarter Campaign

In June 2011, we told you about Hilary Moses and her 14-minutes short film "Creamers". But all the fonds necessary to finish the project (10,000 USD) haven't been raised yet ! If you want to give her a hand and help her to realize her project, don't hesitate to go to her Kickstart Campaign.

Creamers is the story of Ester and her co-worker Joy. They share a desk in a huge cavernous studio. Their daily task is painting patterns on porcelain cream jugs - all day every day. Each woman adopts her own brand of coping mechanic to combat the monotony of their jobs. Joy is goal driven and keeps herself going by surrounding herself with the comforts of home. Ester has artistic ambitions and a fanciful imagination that brightens her surroundings. Her positive outlook at the start of the day is dampened when she is told by the-powers-that-be that the day’s work needs to be redone. She is plunged into the mind bending stages of an all-nighter and emerges somewhere completely unexpected.

You can also support Hilary via Twitter, Facebook and Creamers's Blog. Hurry up ! Her Kickstarter campaign will finish on October 9th 2013.


"Dawgtown" Kickstarter Campaign

Another TVPaint user needs your help to raise fond, but for a feature-film this time ! The filmmakers are seeking to raise the $75,000 in pre-production money through Kickstarter. This will enable them to hire the actors needed for the voiceover (one of which includes an internationally known talent) and complete the storyboards for the entire film. The project runs from September 20 - October 20. A portion of this fundraising effort will go towards Pitbull rescue organization efforts.

Dawgtown is the story of a young Pitbull named Max who is taken from his owner and thrown into the brutal world of underground dog fighting. As a competitor in the most well-funded pit-fighting organization in the world, he becomes a sign of hope to the others, and must lead them in a dangerous fight for freedom. It’s Gladiator meets Animal Farm.

You can also support this feature film by sharing the link on Facebook.


"Torben et Sylvia" available in France in November

"Torben et Sylvia", known as "The Apple and the Worm" or "Æblet og Ormen" will be broadcast on French theaters from November 20th 2013, 4 years after this official release in Denmark.

"Torben et Sylvia" tells the story of an apple, Torben, who whishes to be the most beautiful apple in a supermarket. Unfortunately, his dreams are spoilt by a worm, Sylvia. The other apples decide then to kick Torben (and Syvlia) out from the apple tree. Fortunately, Torben will be followed by friends. Together, they will go far away, in a place where they can remove the worm from Torben. But, to do so, they will meet many other vegetables and fruits, in a crazy roadmovie.

You want to know more about the film and how it was made ? Feel free to read (or read again) Mads Juul's interview, co-director and storyboard artist for that film.


CTN Expo 2013

For the second time, the TVPaint Developpement team will attend the CTN Animation Expo in Burbank, from November 15th to 17th 2013. We will hold the booth B6.

We are eager to meet you, whether you are a student or a professional. So don't be shy and come to test TVPaint Animation 10 Professional Edition and ask us any questions about it. You are already a TVPaint user ? Come and show us your projects, works in progress and finished movies. We'll be delighted to see what you have made and what you plan to make with our software :)



Here is the prices list to upgrade your old TVPaint Animation 9 to the spanking new version 10 ! You can go visit our webstore to proceed with the upgrade.

Upgrade : Full Commercial Prices
TVPaint Animation 9 Professional to TVPaint Animation 10 Professional 590 euros*
TVPaint Animation 9 Standard to TVPaint Animation 10 Standard 250 euros*
TVPaint Animation 10 Standard to TVPaint Animation 10 Professional 685 euros*
TVPaint Animation 9 Standard to TVPaint Animation 10 Professional 935 euros*

Don't have TVPaint Animation 9 ? Would you like to purchase a new license? Here are the prices of the TVPaint Animation 10 full-version licences. You can visit our webstore to proceed with the purchase.

Full Commercial Prices
TVPaint Animation 10 Professional 1180 euros*
TVPaint Animation 10 Standard 495 euros*
Educational Prices
TVPaint Animation 10 Professional 495 euros*
TVPaint Animation 10 Standard 250 euros*

Are you a TVPaint 8 owner in need of an upgrade ? Would you like to purchase several licenses in network ? You have any other question about TVPaint Animation 10 ? Please, feel free to contact us !

* duty free prices. If you are in the European Union, you will have to pay the French VAT (+19,6%), unless you have a VAT number.