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Upgrade discount !

From March 6th to May 31st 2014, TVPaint Développement proposes new upgrade prices for Mirage, TVPaint Animation 8 Standard / Professional Edition et TVPaint Animation 9 Standard / Professional Edition users.


This is a great opportunity to give your old license a new lease of life and access all new great functions available in TVPaint Animation 10 Professional Edition:

  • An improved storyboard / animatic tool, which allows you to export un PDF and HTML ;

  • A 64 bit version for Windows, Mac et Linux ;

  • A share manager for Network and Nomad licenses ;

  • Animating is now easier and more intuitive thanks to new tools : image-mark panel, lip-sync area, stopwatch, color group, history panel...

  • Incredible drawing tools : line-smoothing, drawing recorder, new painting modes, new way to select and save colors, different filling tools..

  • Interface optimization : colors, simpler panels and menus, panel bins...

  • New FX : line colorize, change color / tint, shaking, expand, motion blur...
  • ... And so many other improvements whose you won't be able to live without soon ! To know more about, please read this page.

    Upgrade to TVPaint Animation 10.5 Professional Edition
    Full-commercial license prices*

    from TVPaint Animation 9 / 9.5 Professional Edition 590 euros*
    450 euros*
    from :
    TVPaint Animation 8 / 8.5 Professional or Standard Edition
    TVPaint Animation 9 / 9.5 Standard Edition
    ~900 euros*
    700 euros*
    *VAT excluded

    Upgrading your license is really simple ! Go to our webstore. Choose your country, then order 1 TVPaint Animation 10.5 Professional Edition license. To take advantage of the discount price, please enter your Lock-Code in the requested field :

    Promo Upgrade

    Then, valid the order and proceed with the payment on PayPal. Once the payment received, you will receive an email (sent manually) with download and installation instructions. (Check your spam box !)

    If you experience any issue during your order, please contact us.
    If you are still a student and you wish to upgrade your license, please contact us.

    "The Dam Keeper"

    "The Dam Keeper", short-film directed by Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo (talented artists from Pixar studio), is officially over and has started a long Tour around worldwide festivals. We wish a lot of success to this short-film animated in TVPaint Animation. May it win many Awards !

    Some videos :

    You want to know more about ? Please read their Facebook page.

    Kickstarter : "Juanjo Guarnido in the Freak Kitchen"

    The creator of Blacksad, Juanjo Guarnido, reveals his brand new animated project on Kickstarter. Juanjo Guarnido is famous for drawing the Blacksad comics. He is also a former animator from the Disney Studios : he worked on The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Tarzan and Atlantis: The Lost Empire, among other things. Today he comes back to animation with a music video project for the band Freak Kitchen, whose leader is the guitarist and singer Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh, already well known by the metal fans. The movie is going to use many different animation technics, so as to obtain a unique and rock’n’roll result. It will be produced by Fortiche studio in Paris, who was already behind the videos Get Jinxed for League of Legends, or Doyathing for Gorillaz.

    Juanjo Guarnido in the Freak Kitchen

    To know more about the project :
    Kickstarter Campaign
    Juanjo Guarnido sur Facebook
    Freak Kitchen sur Facebook
    Fortiche production

    Hurry up ! This Kickstarter campaign will stop on March 26th 2014 !

    "Loulou" : the Incredible César

    This is an incredible pleasure for us to announce you that "Loulou : the Incredible Secret" - made in TVPaint Animation - received a César (French equivalent of Academy Awards) for the Best Animated film (Feature and short films). Little excerpt from the 39th César Awards (in French) :

    Prima Linéa and their partners can be proud : they do deserve this Award for their talent. And at TVPaint Développement, we feel rewarded when our users' work is recognized in the eyes of the world.

    For the ones who have not watched it yet, here is the trailer (in French). Available in France on april 18th 2014 en France) on DVD and Blu-ray.

    Festival Anima - Bruxelles

    Do not forget, this week-end (from March 7th to 9th 2014), we are at Anima Festival in Brussels ! Feel free to meet us between two screenings :)

    Festival Anima


    You want to purchase a license ? Here are the prices of the TVPaint Animation 10 full-version licenses. You can visit our webstore to proceed with the purchase.

    Commercial licenses prices
    TVPaint Animation 10 Professional Edition + Licence Nomade 1500 euros*
    TVPaint Animation 10 Professional Edition 1180 euros*
    TVPaint Animation 10 Standard Edition 495 euros*
    Educational licenses prices
    TVPaint Animation 10 Professional Edition + Licence Nomade 695 euros*
    TVPaint Animation 10 Professional Edition 495 euros*
    TVPaint Animation 10 Standard Edition 250 euros*

    * duty free prices. If you are in the European Union, you will have to pay the French VAT (+20%), unless you have a VAT number.