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Wacom and TVPaint : official bundle

Wacom France and TVPaint Développement have the great pleasure to announce you an official bundle with our both products. Since June 2014, you will have the opportunity to purchase a Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid with TVPaint Animation 10.5 Standard Edition Nomad license on the TVPaint Développement online store. Click on the image below to take advantage of this offer :

Cintiq Hybrid

Pay attention : this offer is limited to France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg inhabitants.

If you are interested in a bundle with other Wacom Cintiq models (13", 22" and 24"), please let us know and contact us.

TVPaint compatible with Flix solutions

TVPaint is now compatible with FLIX from The Foundry. FLIX is a web-based visual story development tool for feature animation, designed specifically around speed and collaboration.

FLIX from The Foundry on Vimeo.

By using FLIX, producers, directors and story artists collaborate with art, editorial and production in one easy to access place, delivering faster story turnarounds and achieving shared involvement in the development of a film or project, earlier in the process.

Find out more about FLIX here :

Travailler sur TVPaint : Offres d'emploi

Are you looking for a job in animation and are you ready to move in Europe or United States ? You have some experience and you want to share it ? We are glad to link these jobs offers asking for TVPaint Animation skills :

Rovio Entertainement (Finland) hires a head of tools :
Rovio Entertainment

- Blizzard Entertainement (United-States) looks for an 2D artiste for creative development team :
Blizzard Entertainment

- Les Gobelins , l'école de l'image (France) needs a new versatile teacher (2D et 3D animation) :
Les Gobelins , l'école de l'image

TVPaint in Annecy

As usual, TVPaint Développement will attend the MIFA, from June 11th to 13th June 2014, stand 2.014.

Annecy 2014

If you have questions about the software or you just want to share your projects with us, it's time to meet us !

TVPaint crew

By the way, this year again, numerous short-films made partially or entirely with TVPaint will be broadcast during the festival. Here is the list :

Annecy 2014 "La Maison de poussière" by Jean-Claude ROZEC (Vivement Lundi !) - Court-métrage en compétition
Annecy 2014 "Je repasserai dans la semaine" by Alizée CHOLAT, Sophie DEVAUTOUR, Loic ESPUCHE (EMCA)- Graduation film
Annecy 2014 "Myosis" by Emmanuel ASQUIER-BRASSART, Ricky COMETA, Guillaume DOUSSE, Adrien GROMELLE, Thibaud PETITPAS (Gobelins, l'école de l'image) - Graduation film
Annecy 2014 "Matzofilm" by Idan BARZILAY, Mor ISRAELI (Bezalel Academy of Art and Design) - Graduation film
Annecy 2014 "Fol'Amor" by Augustin CLERMONT, Gilles CORTELLA, Marthe DELAPORTE, Clément DE RUYTER, Maïlys GARCIA, Gaspard SUMEIRE, Pierre RUTZ (Gobelins, l'école de l'image)- Graduation film
Annecy 2014 "Le bien chasser" by Boris BELGHITI, Maxime PACCALET (Kawanimation) - TV films
Annecy 2014 "El canto" by Inès SEDAN (Les films de l'Arlequin)- Short film out of competition
Annecy 2014 "The Dam Keeper" by Daisuke "Dice" TSUTSUMI, Robert KONDO - Short film out of competition
Annecy 2014 "Fából faragott királyfi " by Gabor ULRICH (Kecskemétfilm) - Short film out of competition

Touscoprod : "Boko Anana"

Jérémy Macedo and Franck Monier (ex-students from Gobelins) join their forces to make a short film called "Boko Anana", supported by the studio NKI (previously named "AKAMA Studio"). Few words about the film :

Colin is a little kid who's dreaming about the last it-toy. Boko Anana, a cereal mascot will offer him help to reach his goal. But Boko will only manipulate the kid to make him consume more cereals.

Boko Anana

If you want to support this project, please click on that link to donate some money and help these two young makers to make their project real. You can also follow them on Facebook. Hurry up, this crowd-funding campaign will stop at the end of the month !


You want to purchase a license ? Here are the prices of the TVPaint Animation 10 full-version licenses. You can visit our webstore to proceed with the purchase.

Commercial licenses prices
TVPaint Animation 10 Professional Edition 1180 euros*
TVPaint Animation 10 Standard Edition 495 euros*
Educational licenses prices
TVPaint Animation 10 Professional Edition 495 euros*
TVPaint Animation 10 Standard Edition 250 euros*

* duty free prices. If you live in the European Union, you must pay the French VAT (+20%), unless you have a VAT number.