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Newsletter - February 2015

TVPaint Animation 11 is available !

In February 2015 – and after a year and half of hard work – TVPaint Développement releases the 11th version of its technology. It offers great improvements and new tools such as :

  • Color and texturing engine thanks to "Color and Texture to Generate" layers (aka CTG layers) : this is the biggest change added in TVPaint Animation 11 Professional Edition. Create color libraries, give them a name, track color area with textures. It's a full layer engine dedicated to make the coloring and texturing processes faster and easier than before.
  • 2 new texturing FX : "Brush Spreading" and "Inlay Texture", to make great textures (depending on the shape) in a few click.
  • A Warp tool based on the technology "as rigid as possible", which allows to distort, stretch and bend your drawings. It also allows you to imitate cut-out animation.
  • Guidelines to draw lines, ellipses, perspectives with vanishing points, image guides, etc.
  • A Library, to stock images, references or model-sheets.
  • The Flips panel : configure your flips in the exact way you like (between images, instances, marked images, etc.) with the shortcuts your want.
  • Auto Break and Auto Create Frame are now layer depending.
  • Layer Preset Manager : manage different preset kinds to create your layers with specific configuration.
  • An Eraser tool is available (but don't worry, color mode “Erase” is still here as well).
  • A chromatic wheel.
  • New interface, with darker color scheme and pretty icons.
  • The Windows top menu is re-organized to help newcomers to find what they are looking for.
  • Improved Line smoothing options ! Now, you have the choice between 2 modes : "average" or "pulled string". Plus, it has its own panel and its own icon on the Main Panel.
  • Standard Edition can run on Linux
  • Scale system to make TVPaint more comfortable on 4K screens.
  • Proxy is now 25 % faster (ideal for HD projects).
  • Coordinates for the Out of Pegs are available in the Light Table.
  • Tint mode available in the Light Table (vey useful if you animate filled shapes).
  • Anti aliasing available on any filling shapes.
  • Auto save.
  • Storyboard publishing compatible with Flix (The Foundry©).
  • Drag and Drop images within the timeline has been improved.
  • New information can be displayed when exporting your project.

Since the full list with images is very long, we decided to save your email box. However, we highly advise you to click on the link below to know in detail the new features of TVPaint Animation 11.

TVPaint Animation 11 new features

Click here to test TVPaint Animation 11 Professional Edition !

Price list


You want to upgrade your license to TVPaint Animation 11 ? Here is the price list :

Upgrade prices

If you purchased one TVPaint Animation 10.5 license few weeks ago, you may be eligible to a free upgrade from your current version 10.5 to equivalent version 11.
Conditions apply (time limited offer). Please contact us to know if you can enjoy this offer or if you want to know upgrade prices from versions older than TVPaint Animation 10.

Full versions

You are not a part from TVPaint community yet ? It's time you begin !

Stand alone prices for Full Commercial license

Stand alone prices for Educational license

Educational license prices are strictly reserved for students, teachers, schools or training centers. A document proving your status will be asked to valid the purchase. For network licenses, please contact us.

* VAT and shipping costs not included. If you are living in the European Union (except France), you must pay the French VAT (+20%), except if you have a VAT number.

Online documentation

In order to welcome TVPaint Animation 11, a new documentation is currently put in place. The old time of heavy PDF file is over ! From now, our documentation will be online and available to anyone with an Internet access. This online documentation has many advantages :

  • The documentation will evolve constantly and can be frequently updated.
  • Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion videos can be embedded, so we can add our future tutorial videos directly in lessons and even use videos made by TVPaint users (with their agreement).
  • People who need to print some pages (or simply keep the document on their computer) can easily select a part of a text, then copy and paste it in a text editor software. Text will be black and even images will be kept.
  • Chapters in this documentation are clear and easily accessible.
  • A search engine will be added soon to simplify key words researches.

Website & Forum

Because good news never come alone, the Website and the Forum have been updated too. As a picture is worth a thousand words, we invite you to discover them.

Website : new design and more content

Browsing on the website is now more confortable, thanks to its new apparence (using dark but harmonious colors from the software). Plus, the website offers an optimized access to essential information. From the welcome page, you will have a fast access to the most useful links, such as forms to download the software, documentation, FAQ or the forum.


A new look for the Forum

The forum is the cornerstone of TVPaint community. It is the place chosen by all users who want to share their tips and their feedbacks. We absolutely had to change it as well.


"Song of the Sea" among Oscars & Cesar Nominees

It was a great pleasure for us to know the nomination of "Song of the Sea" to 2015 Oscars & Cesar! As a marvelous masterpiece from the imaginery of the great, talented and modest Tomm Moore, this film has been storyboarded and animated with TVPaint Animation in 3 studios : Cartoon Saloon in Ireland, Norlum in Denmark et Studio 352 in Luxembourg. We will keep our fingers crossed for this amazing feature film : it deserves to win these prestigious awards more than any other film !

Click on the image below to watch (again) the teaser and let you lulled by the beautiful images and music.

Song of the sea

"Song of the sea" : co-produced by Cartoon Saloon, Melusine, Superprod, The Big Farm et Norlum.