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Newsletter - June 2015

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TVPaint Animation 11.0.1 is available !

TVPaint Animation 11's first update came out in the beginning of May, bringing lots of improvements and some new features : a new Scan Cleaner Color FX (which works exactly like the Scan Cleaner, but keeps colors), improved flipping... The full list of changes made in TVPaint Animation 11.0.1 can be found on our forums.

Don't forget that we now have an online documentation ! We recently added a search engine to it, making browsing the documentation easier !

Click here to test TVPaint Animation 11 Professional Edition !

Wacom Bundle

TVPaint Développement and Wacom propose a bundle containing : TVPaint Animation 11 Standard Edition for Android and a Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid (16/32GB).

Head over to our online store to take advantage of this offer !

If you are interested in a bundle with other Wacom Cintiq models (13", 22" and 24"), please let us know and contact us.

TVPaint in Annecy

As usual, TVPaint Développement will attend the MIFA, from June 17th to 19th June 2015, stand 2.014.

Annecy 2015

If you have questions about the software or if you just want to share your projects with us, it's time to meet us !

TVPaint crew

By the way, this year again, numerous short-films made partially or entirely with TVPaint will be broadcast during the festival. Here is the list :

Annecy 2015 "Isle of Seals" by Edmunds JANSONS - Short film
Annecy 2015 "Tranche de campagne" by Hannah LETAÏF - Short film
Annecy 2015 "Cosmetica" by Martina SCARPELLI - Graduation film
Annecy 2015 "Eggplant" by Yangzi SHE- Graduation film
Annecy 2015 "Flirt" by Rahel GERBER - Graduation film
Annecy 2015 "Mortal Breakup Inferno" by Paula ASSADOURIAN, Marlène BEAUBE, Debora CRUCHON, Maxime DELALANDE, Thibaud GAYRAL, Batiste PERRON (Goeblins, l'école de l'image) - Graduation film
Annecy 2015 "My Dad" by Marcus ARMITAGE - Graduation film
Annecy 2015 "Pepe Luu" by Valerie CHANG - Graduation film
Annecy 2015 "The Cabinet Decision" by Mayan Engelman - Graduation film
Annecy 2015 "Tusk" by Rory WAUDBY-TOLLEY - Graduation film
Annecy 2015 "Tigres à la queue leu leu" by Benoit CHIEUX - Short film out of competition

TVPaint in Melbourne

From June 21st to 28th June, the Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) will take place.

Melbourne 2015

This year, a member of the TVPaint team, Léo Fernandez, will be there and give two conferences :

Kurt Cobain : Montage of Heck

Hisko Hulsing (known for his short film Junkyard) and his team, worked on the HBO documentary Kurt Cobain : Montage of Heck. Obviously, TVPaint was to animate some unknown parts of Cobain's teenager life.

Kurt Cobain : Montage of Heck

You can watch the official trailer here, and you can also read an interview of Hisko Hulsing on Business Insider.