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Newsletter - September 2015

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Tutorials for TVPaint Animation 11

Yes, it's for real ! Tutorials for TVPaint Animation 11 Professional Edition are now available, in English and in French !

Thanks to the motivation and the support of "Elephorm" (French company from Lyon specializing in the production of training videos), we have now the opportunity to present you 44 tutorials (running over 6 hours !). Just some of the topics : animation, storyboarding, FX (particles, keyframer, multiplan camera), brush making, managing layers and projects... topics are numerous, varied and complete. Step by step, you will learn to master all features offered by TVPaint Animation 11 for 57,50 euros only (tax excluded).

You can order this pack on the Elephorm platform or directly on TVPaint Développement online store.

If you still hesitate to purchase this pack, feel free to watch these 15 free tutorials for beginners :

Watch tutorials

TVPaint Développement and Elephorm wish you a pleasant learning !

School resumes : enjoy educational reduced fare

New academic year begins this month for most worldwide schools and universities. Dear students, TVPaint Développement helps you to get started by offering you discount prices on TVPaint Animation licenses !

As a student, investing in an educational license has multiple benefits :
• Prices are cheaper than commercial licenses, but features remain the same.
• You can safely continue your studies with the proper equipment.
• No time limit ! The purchase is amortized quickly since you can use TVPaint once you graduate*.
• Purchase once and enjoy forever : no yearly or monthly fees.
• Become a TVPaint Community member : access our professional network and benefit our technical support for free.

Please click here to proceed with an order on our online store. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team.

* Conditions apply

Claudine attends Cartoon Forum

This year Claudine will enjoy attending Cartoon Forum in Toulouse (France), on Septembre 14th-18th 2015. Cartoon Forum is a European event you shall not miss if you want to discover in advance TV series in development or meet producers, broadcasters and directors.

Cartoon Forum 2015

If you are looking for great tool to make your TV series, we warmly recommend you to contact Claudine and set a rendezvous with her. She will be pleased to meet you, answer all your questions and show you TVPaint Animation 11's capacities.

"Song of the Sea" : pre-order the artbook

Tomm Moore promised it during CTN Expo 2014 and he kept his words : "Song of the Sea" artbook can be pre-ordered on Cartoon Saloon's online store and should be ready to be shipped this month. If you like artbooks as much as we do, this one must be aboslutely on your bookcase !

Song of the sea artbook

Click here to order an artbook.

Job Offers for TVPaint users !

2D animator for a fighting video game

If you are looking for a paid job to animate sprites for a video game, this announce published in TVPaint forums may be very interesting :

We are seeking a talented animator that can commit to bringing this game to a demo state for the time being. The demo state includes animating one character, the black ninja which is the simplest character we have compared to the more detailed characters.


The fighting game is in 1080 resolution so the character art is HD as well, around 400-500px tall. Right now we are focusing on getting one simple character created to get the game to a demo state to present it to Sony. I am open to having one artist do everything for this one character or just animation with line art as I have a clean up artist that can paint and shade in. I am aligned with a publisher right now who is funding this to the demo and if the demo is great then we will have a deal with Sony to get this on the PS4.


This position is paid and its negotiable. I have around $1,200-$1,500 to give to animate the black ninja character's 200 frames. I have already created all the keyframes for the character and the keyframes is all I'm needing for this position right now. My keyframing includes a lot of shortcuts such as duplicate frames and rotation to create frames. The actual frame count is around 320 but I only created 200 keyframes and the remaining 120 are all the shortcuts that I used that don't count. Still there are unique frames in that 200 that are small tweaks from previous frames so its not like I'm asking you to do 200 frames from scratch. If the workload is too much we can negotiate and I can find ways to trim it down and use only what we need. I spent the time keyframing so everything is easy and setup ready for you to animate. I just need you to be able to animate the characters I provide as if the other artist never left.

Should be able to finish this in 2 weeks but we will discuss price, workload and scheduling in detail before we start to make things efficient. If you can fill the position we are in need of to make this demo a success you will have a steady job for several months after this demo is finished to finish the game.

This is a serious project so serious inquires only.

If you are interested in this job offer, please send an email at lemmelmatt@gmail.com with your best works from your portfolio.

Lead animator for a feature-film

The second offer is for a lead animator in 2D for the feature-film "Chris the Swiss".


"Dschoint Ventschr" a Zurich based internationally acclaimed film production company is seeking an experienced and skillful 2D Animator to work on the feature film Chris the Swiss. Dschoint Ventschr develops, produces and sells films that are primarily concerned with the aspects of cross culture, politics and society: feature and documentary films that have the meeting of various cultures as their theme. Dschoint Ventschr works consistently on the continuing development of a modern cinematic pictorial language and utilizes the creative possibilities of new technologies.

The Movie ? Chris the Swiss

This exclusive half documentary half animated movie is based on real circumstances during the Yugoslavian War in the early 1990ies and will be produced from fall 2014 onwards in Zagreb, Croatia. The movie targets an adult audience and uses different techniques of animation. The focus is on hand drawn 2D animation on paper and digital.

Chriss the Swiss-teaser

Duties and Responsibilities

The lead Animator works closely with the Supervising Animator and the Director. You are executing the given scenes in close exchange with the Supervising Animator and within the given time frame. You will be leading a team of about 4 Animators where you will be in charge for the on time delivery and the coordination between Animators and Inbetweeners.

Job Requirements / Qualifications

- 5+ years of animation experience, feature animation experience is a must
- Experienced in both workflows of traditional paper and digital animation
- Strong drawing skills, independent self monitoring and reliable work ethics
- Very good communication skills in spoken English

For a successful application send the following material
- CV and Resume
- Link to online portfolio with different extracts of your work always with precise specification of your part of the job
- Link to Demoreel online
- If you do send material send material by mail do it in QuickTime or PDF Format only, less than 15MB per mail

Chriss the Swiss-teaser

Location of Work: Zagreb CR
Duration: October 2015 until April 2016

If you think you qualify for this offer, please send an email to Sereina Gabathuler : sereina@dvfilm.ch.