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Newsletter - October 2015

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Spark Animation : Vancouver

For the very first time, TVPaint will attend Spark Animation in Vancouver. Claudine will give a conference about last features from TVPaint Animation 11, on October 24th 2015 at 11am (venue : The Dance Centre, Faris Family Studio, 677 Davie St.).

Spark Animation 2015

Moreover, at 9am the same day (venue : VIFF Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour St.), Borja Montoro (talented character-designer and animator from Madrid) will talk about his career and his work for different companies, such as Disney or SPA studio. No more seats are available, but you can still try your luck on the D-Day.

Cartoon Connection Canada : Quebec city

On the opposite side of the country, October 27-31 2015, the Cartoon Connection Canada will take place in Quebec City. Here again, Claudine - and our new team member Tiphaine - will be there ! If you wish to meet them during this 1 to 1 event, don't hesitate ‎and contact them right now !

Cartoon Connection 2015

CTN Expo : Burbank

‎Just as the MIFA in Annecy every June, CTN Expo in Burbank is now a yearly routine ! On November 20-22th 2015, enjoy the warmly Californian mood of this unmissable event dedic‎ated to animation industry.

CTN Expo 2015

This year, we will be located at booth B08.0 (just near Wacom) and you will be welcomed by Thierry, Eric, Claudine, Jordane, Elodie and our guest Borja Montoro.


"Slocum at sea with himself" : the new Fierlingers film

After almost six years of intensive, self-funded production work, Paul and Sandra Fierlinger released last month their long anticipated 2 hour animated novel titled Slocum at Sea with Himself. Find out more about the development and execution of this ground breaking epic on the film’s companion website www.slocumfilm.com from where the film may be purchased as a downloadable Instant Video file from Vimeo’s cloud.


The Fierlinger duo’s experimental goal is to set a precedent for what they see as the future’s chief dissemination and revenue generating venue for 2D animators. The Slocum fin de siècle historical voyage is executed in a style designed exclusively for an audience of one to be viewed in full screen high definition quality on any of the many existing computer devices such as tablets, Amazon’s Kindle reader, or even smart phones, to name a few.