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Newsletter - June 2016

TVPaint is 25 years old

25 years of TVPaint

It's party time ! This year we are celebrating 25 years of TVPaint technology ! A quarter of a century, that's an event to record !

To mark the occasion, we wanted to make something new. For a compagny developing an animation software, what could be better than to make a short film ?

Yes ! You read properly : we went into the adventure of production by funding a short film, directed by Tévy Dubray.

You want to know more about ? How perfect : an article is available on Cartoon Brew, THE reference site for animation market.

Click on the image below to read the article and watch the whole film :

Journey Through Creativity

MIFA in Annecy

As every year, TVPaint Développement will attend the MIFA, from June 15th to 17th June 2016. At booth 2.014, you will be warmly welcome by Tiphaine, Lise, Elodie, Jérémy, Eric and Patrick.

Moreover, deux guests will be present : Don Perro (teacher at Capilano University and animator at Bardel Entertainement, in Canada) and Tévy Dubray, the young artist who directed the short film to celebrate our software's 25th anniversary.

Annecy 2016

Besides this wonderful short film (that you could also watch at our booth), we have also planed a bunch of different goodies to celebrate TVPaint's 25th anniversary ! Gloves for screen tablets, necklaces (they will be green, this time) to put your keys or your dongle on (and avoid any loss...), badges, posters, candies...

TVPaint crew

And, obviously, if you have any questions about the software or if you simply want to share your projects with us, that's the best moment to come and meet us ! See you later !

By the way, this year again, numerous short-films made partially or entirely with TVPaint will be broadcast during the festival. Here is the list :

Ama "Ama" by Emilie ALMAIDA, Liang HUANG, Mansoureh KAMARIBIDKORPEH, Juliette PEUPORTIER, Julie ROBERT and Anthony UNSER (Gobelins, l'école de l'image) - Graduation film
Dofus - Livre 1 : Julith "Dofus - Book 1 : Julith" by Anthony ROUX, Jean-Jacques DENIS - Feature film
Flash back sequences made with TVPaint.
In Other Words "In Other Words" by Tal KANTOR - Graduation film
Ivan's Need "Ivan's Need" by Veronica L. MONTAÑO, Manuela LEUENBERGER, Lukas SUTER - Graduation film
Just a Biopic "Just a Biopic" by Renske Cuijpers - Graduation film
Mazier "Linnugripp" by Priit TENDER and Hefang WEI - Short movie
Mazier "Mazier" by Anja Grosswig - Graduation film
Mune "Mune" by Alexandre HEBOYAN, Benoît PHILIPPON - Feature film
2D Animation done by Studio La Cachette.
Novembre "Novembre" by Marjolaine PERRETEN - Graduation film
Putain "Putain" by Cypria DONATO - Graduation film
Que dalle "Que dalle" by Hugo DE FAUCOMPRET, Eva LUSBARONIAN, Caroline CHERRIER, Johan RAVIT, Arthus PILORGET (Gobelins, l'école de l'image) - Graduation film
Ruben Leaves "Ruben Leaves" by Frederic SIEGEL - Graduation film
Silence "Silence" by Emma CARRÉ - Graduation film
Spoon "Spoon" by Markus KEMPKEN - Short movie
stromae "Stromae "Carmen"" by Sylvain Chomet - Commissioned film in competition
The sequence in the chamber with the protagonist, the Japanese woman and the bird was made with TVPaint.

Plus, artists from the studio Folimage will present the open-air screening named 36 000 ans plus tard (36,000 years later), consisting of 15 short movies that were created from the filmmakers’ immersive visit to the Chauvet Cave, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2014. TVPaint Animation was used during the making of the 3 following shorts :

L'Âge du charbon "L'Âge du charbon" by Benoît RAZY
Bjørn "Bjørn" by Morten Riisberg HANSEN
Prélistorique "Prélistorique" by Émilie SENGELIN

Moreover, Archita GHOSH and Emily PAIGE, from the canadian studio e.d.Films, will pitch their project, Elemented. Elemented is a transmedia project built, at the core, to be a game.
Learn more during the Mifa Pitches : Transmedia session, on Wednesday, June 15th, from 4pm to 5:30pm, at Impérial Palace Ravel A&B.

Annecy 2015

Last but not least, Pascal AUPRY (Mercury Filmworks), Peter DODD (Lupus films), Bastien DUBOIS (Art Brutal) and Camille SERCEAU (Je suis bien content) will be speakers during the Choosing a 2D Pipeline conference, which will focus on the theme : Softwares, skills, organisation: What 2D pipelines are available in today's market and what are the best options?
If you are interested, the conference will take place on Tuesday, June 14th from 9:30am to 12:30pm at the Chambre des Métiers.

We hope you will prefer the darkness of theaters rather than pedal boat trips on the Lake.

Enjoy your screenings and the festival !