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Paul Johnson TIE Fighter Short Film

A few years ago, Paul Johnson drew and animated an entire 7 min short film by himself. He was willing to make the best Star Wars animated fan-film he could. He spent 4 years working on weekends to finally achieve it in 2015. Since then the film has been viewed almost 9 millions time on YouTube.

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He also livestream regularly on Twitch and show people how to use TVPaint live at

Projects of the movie

We decided to share with you some of Paul’s original files, so you can understand the way he works and see how TVPaint Animation was used to bring this amazing project on screen.
The spaceships were modeled in simple 3D shapes in Cinema 4D. The 3D shots were imported in TVPaint as image sequences and Paul drew over them frame by frame. Lines, colors, shadows and highlights were completely done with TVPaint. He worked without anti-aliasing and added it during compositing in Sony Vegas. No 3D cell-shading involved.

The intellectual property rights on the tvpp files on this page made available to you on or through this Website remains the property of Paul Johnson.