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Interview of Paul Fierlinger by Asaf Agranat - 2009 January

TVPaint Developpement is proud to present an interview with Paul Fierlinger, on the occasion of the upcoming release of his feature length film, "My dog Tulip". The long artistic career of this independent animator has been honored several times at numerous festivals throughout the world.

The interview is conducted by Asaf Agranat, another great animator and Paul's friend. You can find the unabbreviated text here, in the form of a discussion about each animator’s personal work styles. You will find more about Asaf Agranat here.

Interview of Paul Fierlinger

Trailers of "My dog Tulip"

My dog Tulip

Trailer n°1

My dog Tulip

Trailer n°2

More information on "My dog Tulip" website