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The last word, but not the least

Asaf Agranat: To wrap it up, as an artist who experienced much of this field, in and out, and evolved from paper to no-paper, are there things you wish you had done differently? Do you have a golden advice for those who are entering the world of animation as it is today?

My dog Tulip

Paul Fierlinger: Done differently? I wish I had stayed single and had never smoked or never drank; all those things, but here I am, having gone in and out of throat cancer and the DT’s and have still remained an independent animator in spite of having been married three times and having had not one, but two children, in other words having suffered all the detritus of not having done things differently. Animation is what I wanted to do since a very early age and what I still want to do in spite of entering old age. This means that no matter what I would have done differently, I’d still be doing exactly what I’m doing now. There’s an engine in some of us that wants to keep doing the same thing no matter what obstacles are tossed in our way.

Advice for those entering the world of animation as it is today? Do you dislike politicians? Then don’t be like one of them yourself. Don’t say and do things just to please the largest possible amount of people without believing for a minute what you’ve been saying. Don’t search for clever formulas and don’t try to memorize the bon mottos others repeat but be authentic, tell the truth and above all, be honest to yourself. I would like everybody to never imitate something someone else has already done. If that would happen, everyone would be happy because no one would be in competition with anyone else; we would all be unique, thus sought-after and useful to others without having to compromise on our honesty. This requires that we all become elitists in pursuit of the truth until we discover an original way to express ourselves.

Then I’d like something else to happen, which is that those who clearly don’t fit into this archetype and even find my answer somewhat repulsive, would acknowledge this simple fact and continue their search for uniqueness in another discipline. Then there would be no mass art, no kitsch, no fraudulent stereotypes and no lack of homework for anyone of us left behind.

Thanks to Asaf and Paul for their question and their answer. You could see more Paul's work on "My dog Tulip" website and on our gallery.

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