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About Rony Hotin - July 2006

TVPaint: Hello Rony, can you introduce yourself please?

Rony Hotin: My name is Rony Hotin and I am 20. I am actually a student in 2nd year of the "Drawings of Animation Cinema" course in Luxembourg after completed a 1-year course at College-preparatory for the big schools of art of Paris.

TVPaint: How have you discovered TVPaint Animation?

Rony Hotin: My head teacher, who look after 2nd-year students, thought TVPaint Animation will be more suitable for my work. In fact, my thirst of research and creativity can not be satisfied by traditional software own by my school. Either I had a very basic software with only drawing tools or I had a good drawing software where I had to export sequences of images and create the video in a video software.

TVPaint Animation own very good feeling drawing tools and a timeline. That's all I need...

Rony Hotin and TVPaint Animation

TVPaint: So you have find the software you need! When did you start to use TVPaint Animation?

Rony Hotin: I started to use it 2 months ago. I am a recent student user who concatenate animations and who enjoy it. I really enjoy discovering all options and possibilities of TVPaint Animation.

TVPaint: That's great! What do you feel are some of the best features of TVPaint Animation?

Rony Hotin: All winks and behavior that remind me traditional animation on paper: the big set of tools, the light table (onion skin), the rotating canvas, etc...

There allow me, by example, to quickly adapt myself with my 'diehard' soul. I find in TVPaint Animation the same working atmosphere that I had on paper: rough animation thanks to some tools, line test, light table, flipbook, ergonomics, and more...

Web Banner created by Rony Hotin for TVPaint Developpement

TVPaint: And what is your prefered feature of TVPaint Animation?

Rony Hotin: Animation!!! Far away others features. Line are not vectorial and the tools and technics are bountiful, rendering are various and creative for animators and illustrators. TVPaint Animation get nothing from animator's creativity that he wants to transmit through his productions.

TVPaint: What do you feel is the best tool of TVPaint Animation?

Rony Hotin: I think the best tool depends on what you want to show with your project and on the person who will watched it.

I have a soft spot for all animation software which allow me to conserve my 'rough' side and the characteristics of my line: vivacity, pressure and intensity.


TVPaint: And to finish, what would you add to TVPaint Animation?

Rony Hotin: I suggested a 'Flipbook' button to the developers of TVPaint Animation who have immediately implemented it. This button has satisfied my bad tendency (but maybe I am not the only one) to always flip between the current frame and the previous one.

Since the set of possibilities is very various, I have not had yet the time to circumnavigate the software. In addition the few things I suggested to the development team have already been more or less directly implemented in TVPaint Animation

Screen Shots

Trailer of 'Ronyskillz'