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About Luke Hyde - July 2007

Preview of the 'Tail of Ki' graduate film of Luke Hyde

TVPaint: Hello Luke, can you introduce yourself please?

Luke Hyde: Hello! My name is Luke Hyde. I am a 2D animator/illustrator and have recently completed a 3-years BA (Hons) in animation at the University of Wales, Newport. I am currently (July 2007) seeking employment within the industry, as well as developing my potential company 'Death By Pencil Productions' which I hope to have running withing the next 2 years.

TVPaint: Great! Hope you manage to! How long have you been creating art with computers?

Luke Hyde: I have been working with computers throughout the entire course of my education and am now an experienced user of computer based animation and designed. I have been experimenting and producing personal illustration and animation (some illustration work being commissioned!) with the aid of computer software from an early age.

About Luke Hyde work

TVPaint: Let's now speak about what you have already done. Have you created any animated shorts?

Luke Hyde: 'The Tail of Ki' is my 3-minutes short graduate film and is to date the longest 2D cell animation I have produced. Previously I have worked on other small projects based animations within the studios at university and in my own free time. The course helped me to learn and develop the essential and advanced techniques in cell animation, as well as editing and sound production.

TVPaint: Do you have any artists or films that really influence your work?

Luke Hyde: There are so many influences in my work, but I guess my main influences for my work would have to be:

* Rosto A. D. for his use of sound and plot in his short film 'Anglobilly Feverson'
* Jamie Hewlett for his style of illustration and animation
* Hayao Miyazaki for his style of animation and atmosphere
* Sylvain Chomet for his sense of perspective in his film 'Belleville Rendez-vous'

TVPaint: How long have you been using TVPaint Animation?

Luke Hyde: When I was producing the 'The Tail of Ki', I had the obvious time consuming processes as you would expect with a 2D animation, such as coloring and inking each frame. While I was searching for the best coloring process, as well as getting the right quality and look for the final look of my animation, I came across this software, which turned out to be ideal.

Luke Hyde and TVPaint Animation

TVPaint: So you are a newbie with TVPaint Animation. What do you feel is the best feature in TVPaint Animation which is the reason you use it?

Luke Hyde: Une de mes fonctionnalités favorites dans TVPaint Animation est le nettoyeur de scan, qui est en gros comme la fonction seuil dans Adobe PhotoShop, puisqu'il fait ressortir facilement d'une timeline d'images malpropres, un noir et blanc épurés. Il enlève n'importe quelles petites bavures désagréables ou les cheveux qui partent dans tous les sens. Cette fonctionnalité rend la vie tellement plus facile pour la phase de colorisation étant donné qu'il me donne une ligne nette à partir des images scanées, ce qui est essentiel! Le paramètre Trou est aussi un outil essentiel pour la phase de colorisation.

Une autre de mes favorites, c'est la possibilité de dessiner chaque image facilement avec des brosses de la qualité d'Adobe PhotoShop. J'utilisais cette technique pour animer la fumée, les insectes sur les lampadaires et plein d'autres petits détails. Cette fonctionnalité était une des raisons principales qui m'ont décidé à utiliser ce logiciel pour mon film de fin d'étude.

TVPaint: It is our policy to propose a software with the best quality brushes. So has TVPaint Animation improved your productivity?

Luke Hyde: TVPaint Animation cut my production in half, which gave me more time to experiment with the final look. After experimenting with different effects, I found that the bloom effect within TVPaint Animation gave me the finish I was trying to achieve. Without this software it would have taken me much longer to get through the production/post production.


TVPaint: Glad to hear TVPaint Animation help you to have the final look you want for your graduate film. Are you currently working on any projects?

Luke Hyde: I have a few more film ideas in the making. But I hope to get my teeth into a new film as soon as possible. I am also eager to learn more about what TVPaint Animation can do for me as an aspiring filmmaker as I can see a lot of other potential in this software. For anyone thinking of using TVPaint Animation for frame coloring, the best quality you will achieve is by setting the source to back (in the filling shape menu) and the expand parameter to 2 or 3 pixels. This overlaps the line with color, giving a nice clean finish.

TVPaint: And to finish this interview, what is your favorite French expression?

Luke Hyde: Amuse-toi bien!

TVPaint: Thanks Luke!

Screen Shots

Trailer of 'Tail of Ki'

For anyone interested in seeing the graduate film of Luke Hyde 'The Tail of Ki', you can contact him at lucasjoester[at]gmail[dot]com. His film can not be uploaded onto the Internet for a few months for copyright issues.