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KaAM - Le collectif's description - 2009 May


TVPaint: Hello Pierre ! Can you briefly present us « KaAM le Collectif » ?

Pierre Dron: Hi TVPaint ! First of all, thank you for seeking us. We are very glad to answer you !

KaAM – Le Collectif is an agency that grouping creative ideas and animated talent together. In fact, it is the reunion of independant artists who wishes to work together and put their skills in common. KaAM – Le Collectif is made of persons able to work for an animated project. Realize Video-clips, advertising, animated serials, graphical development, web animation and viral marketing need every collective’s skills : scrript, storyboard, design, directing, animation, sound conception, compositing… Real talent pool, KaAM – le Collectif constitutes a serious team of creativity and innovation.

TVPaint: What is your position into the KaAM ?

Pierre Dron: I take care of the extra-creative part from the collective. In fact, I see to production, administration, communication and commercial sides of the group. Artists only cares of creative side. We are complementary and until now, all works very well.

TVPaint: How many are you into this collective ? Can you present them to us ?

Pierre Dron: The number of persons changes with projects… We are a hard core of five persons but, sometimes, we can be more than ten… Our team members are directors, like Hélène, Jean-Pierre, Benjamin, David, or musicians like Gerard, or illustrators / designers like Thiebault and Steff. Sometimes, Cyril, Aurélien, Laurent and Fabrice can add themselves to the team. Some of them come from famous animation schools (la Poudrière, Sup’infocom, Emile Cohl….), others come from arts schools or cinema universities… All of them get different script, direction or technical approaches.These differences are the collective’s strength and wealth.

TVPaint: Which sort of organization usually appeals to KaAM ?

Pierre Dron: Our projects comes from video clip direction to animated serials, including short movies, advertising and web animation. So, we sork with music labels, advertise agencies, production societies, live firm, festivals… I can quote : EMI, Publicis, Arte, Canal +, Crédit Agricole, Sacrebleu, Folimage, Istanbul and Leucate festivals… Some of us really love to supervise animation initiation’s workgroup. So we also work with town halls, theaters, « MJC » (Youth and Culture’s Home), community centers, schools…

TVPaint: Does the association only work with numerical graphism or does it work in traditionnal animation too ?

Pierre Dron: In fact, our delays and traditional animation’s constrains force us, for the moment, to create numerical projects. Nevertheless, it often happens to animate traditionally in workgroups…

TVPaint: What was the more ambitious project which you have worked in ?

Pierre Dron: We care of our project very seriously (of course !). After, we try to go further with images experimentation on each project (and when delays allow us this !)Usually, the more ambitious projects are video clips, because we have to be really creative and create « something that have never been seen ».The last two, « Alice au pays des friends » and « Ghost » were made with real live images, taken in a studio, with a blue wall… Mix tecnhiques beforehand was very important !

You and TVPaint Animation

Pirates' story

TVPaint: How long are the collective’s members using TVPaint Animation ?

Pierre Dron: We work with you for more than a year… time spends so fast !

TVPaint: Which are the projects made with TVPaint Animation ?

Pierre Dron: They are so numerous… I can quote you some of them : the video clips « Alice au pays des friends » and « Ghost », the trailer for the Leucate festival, and two episodes from the serial « Les poèmes du monde », which are coming soon.

TVPaint: What are your main reasons for using TVPaint Animation ?

Pierre Dron: It’s for us, a very gratifying tool : we imagine a drawing with a texture, a particular line, you arrange it with the software, and here we are ! All can be done with it. After, animate is very simple. Everyone use the software on his own way… as we would do with a light table and our pencils. For the moment, we are using the panel « Tool bin » in order to create animated brushes.

TVPaint: Does TVPaint Animation improve your productivity ?

Pierre Dron: YES it does ! Especially for export time ! After effects need thirty minutes to export an images squence, contrary to TVPaint Animation which only uses few seconds ! After this, the software allow us to execute spontaneous work, to have something rough very quickly . For example, when you draw in Flash, the line appears after few a undredth part of second. It’s tiring when you need to draw many line in your frame ! Moreover, it’s like drawing on paper, without have to scan. The inconvenient is the graphical tablet which is smoother than paper, so sometime, we stick a paper above to have the same grain sensation.

So yes, oui earn a lot of time.


The mango's core

TVPaint: Are you currently working on one or several projects ? What will be the coming KaAM’s creations ?

Pierre Dron: As I was saying it previously, we are finishing two episodes from a serial. « Le noyau de mangue », directed by Hélène and « Histoire de pirates » de Jean-Pierre.

TVPaint: What is the advise you will give to someone who want create is own animated film ?

Pierre Dron: « Dude, don’t be affraid by TVPaint Animation’s workflow. You will feel as good as a duck in the water soon and the drawings in your head will directly appear in your screen ! »

TVPaint: How can we join your collective ?

Pierre Dron: We privilege human side… and we like work with people we know… each time, the newcomers naturally intergate themselves over the meeting. Nevertheless, it possible to work with us thanks to the workgroup, to Valence. Some people there are not coming from the collective. In every instance, they develop their project and it allow them to know us better, before fo further.

TVPaint: Something else you would like to tell about TVPaint ?

Pierre Dron: The team is great and your advises precious… we do live this direct and warmful human relationship. Moreover, the software is a real tool with many sides.

TVPaint: Thank you very much, Pierre

Pierre Dron: You are welcome... and see you soon for new adventures !