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Délices (Making-of)

Elodie: What's about the software's training at LISAA? Do the students enjoy it or are they reluctant?

Renaud: The software's training at LISAA goes very well, fortunately! TVPaint Animation is easy to use. Students see immediately the results on their work. Difficulties come with sophisticated workflows, especially when several actions take place between several software programs within the same single shot. In such cases, we insist on methodical planning and preparation. We always talk about the foundations of the imagery that we teach at school.

Elodie: I'm glad to know everything goes well, especially because the user is the most important. We love to improve the software following the needs and wishes of people who use it. By the way, is that closeness with our developers an advantage for you? Do you have an anecdote about the TVPaint support?

Renaud: From the day that TVPaint arrived, the partnership was very strong. It allows us to easily include the software in our courses. Developers are listening. We send them regular feedback and they don't hesitate to listen our needs. Some tools have improved thanks to that feedback. We really have a feeling the TVPaint team works in the next room !
I do appreciate when the team comes to see the work that students and teachers make here. It's also a great reward for us when they fall in love with a project !

Elodie: Yes, watching a beautiful student or professional film, made with our software is indeed an indirect outcome of our own work, as developers :)
But tell me, in retrospect, if the school's teaching is influenced by professionals from the animation world, do you think that different student priorities have an influence on studios and their productions? How does the school succeed to take into consideration its artistic aspects and the production needs of the animation market? How do you see the effects of your teaching at LISAA?

Between the lines

Renaud: The school keeps up numerous trades with different surrounding companies. It allows us to improve our courses continually. Regarding priorities, we realized that different companies pay attention to what happens at school: the way we teach, the tools we use, the way we use them...
Professionals are regularly surprised about the results obtained by our students. I wouldn't like to talk about influence, but I know some decisions have been made after a professional visits or during a meeting with old graduates. Companies discover within them a savoir-faire they were looking for, or opportunities to improve their studio. Some studios have even decided to obtain TVPaint Animation licenses and have hired people for specific jobs after having met our students or after being introduced to the software.

Elodie: Currently, what are you expecting from the software? In your opinion, what should the software be able to do ?

Renaud: Nowadays at LISAA, we encourage the combining of techniques and we invest a lot in 3D production. We usually compare TVPaint Animation with compositing software. We would like to find tools allowing us to manage 2D animation in a 3D way that could be manageable from the overview. Then, we should be able to create shots in stereoscopy. The tool could be use also to preview 3D movies.


Elodie: In your opinion, how is the animation going to evolve ? Will there still be a place for traditional 2D animation or, in order to survive to those changes, will have it to be necessarily created in 3D stereoscopy ?

Renaud: Each time a new technique appears, we want to use it, it's normal. When good results are obtained with such techniques, the demand will grow and we will have to use that technique. But I think there will always a place for all kind of animations. One technique never replaces another, but brings new ways to make a movie. Personally, I love all kinds of animations, as long as the story and the visual aspects touch me. Moreover, I'm glad that broadcasting supports are improved and let us appreciate more and more created images.

Elodie: Thank you very much Renaud for taking the time to answer my questions. Best wishes for your work at LISAA and we wish great success for all your students who will become, undoubtedly, the great actors of the future.

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