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About TVPaint Developpement

From left to right : Léo, Jérémy, Shirley, Thierry, Mike, Claudine, Eric 2, Patrick, Jordane, Elodie, Eric 1, Lise, Fabrice, Tiphaine

TVPaint Developpement today's structure exists since 1997. Its objective is to provide CG artists with original tools.

Since this date Hervé Adam reunited a pluridisciplinary staff in order to get the means to enhance the development of his innovating solutions and to guarantee their distribution.

Our team has been enriched with an active community of professional users, symbiosis that allows the realization of a workspace dedicated to creation and always carrying innovations.

Thanks to this action, the first unified paperless 2D animation production system was born and allows studios to make projects from scratch, from sketches to post-production.

Several projects are actually under development to provide the market with solutions for tomorrow's needs.

Ub Iwerks Award

In February 2018, TVPaint Développement was awarded the Ub Iwerks Award for technical advancement that has made a significant impact on the art and industry of animation:

"Coup de Coeur" price of the Trophée Lorraine Export

On February 2010, the "Chambre du Commerce et de l'Industrie" of the Lorraine Region rewarded TVPaint Développement for its dynamism and its technological invention, with the "Coup de Coeur" price of the "Trophées Lorraine Export" contest.

For this occasion, a little documentary about the company was made by JB Communication (click on the image below).


Schools throughout the world use TVPaint Animation (in Japan, USA, Mexico, Corea, Canada, Benelux, and France, of course). Thanks to its intuitive interface and its numerous possibilities, this software is the best tool for all artistic formations : art option, cinema audiovisual option, schools and academy of arts, animation schools etc...

Even the French National Education Ministry attributes to TVPaint Animation an educational interest :

RIP logo

The Logo RIP helps and guides teachers in educational multimedia. After evaluating by specialists and multimedia commission's decision, this logo allows to identify which software and multimedia creations answer the best to educational system needs.

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The TVPaint Technology 7.5 sold as Mirage receives a 4 out 5 point product rating from Digit.

Mirage offers the widest and most creative paint-based toolset for compositors and animators available... - Neil Bennet - Digit

Mac Addict

Mac Addict

The TVPaint Technology 7.5 sold as Mirage receives a GREAT rating from MacAddict.

Mirage also has compositing capabilities: you can mix and match your frame-by-frame animations with video and still images. Roger Rabbit on your Mac? You Bet! ... a great addition to your video-production arsenal. - Andrew Tokuda - Mac Addict

Mac World

Mac World

The TVPaint Technology 7.5 sold as Mirage receives a 4 ½ Star Product rating from Mac World.

... so Mirage is definitively an option if you are taking on the big facilities... or just want to dabble with a powerful paint, effects and rotoscoping tool... It's fast and can produce production level results. Mirage provides the capabilities of After Effects/Combustion and Photoshop in one package and is affordable... It's all very quick and easy... - Michael Burns - Mac World

Television Broadcast

Television Broadcast

Editor's Software Pick of the Show for the Advancement in the Art and Science of Television Broadcast.

AV Video and Multimedia Producer

NAB 98 AV Video and Multimedia Producer

NAB '98 Editor's Choice Award.

AV Video and Multimedia Producer

AV Video and Multimedia Producer

Editor's Choice Award for Animation Graphics and Special Effects.

Government Video

NAB 98 Government Video

NAB '98 Pick Hit of the Show.