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Brochure & images

In that section, you will find various brochures (for schools and for professionals), a Press kit (which sum up the TVPaint technology history), many screenshots and animated gif that you can use to present TVPaint Animation on your website, blog and forum.

To download a document, please make a right click on the wanted file et select 'Save the target as...'.


Click on the the images below to display the different logos.

TVPaint Animation TVPaint Développement

TVPaint Animation TVPaint Animation TVPaint Animation


Images of the TVPaint Animation's interface

TVPaint Animation 10.5 interface

TVPaint Animation 10.5 Interface A storyboard made by Sidonie Vidal A storyboard made by Sidonie Vidal Excerpt from "Junkyard" by Hisko Hulsing The Share Manager with a project by Paul and Sandra Fierlinger The Peg-Holes Registration Lip-Sync area The Scan Cleaner FX Particles / Auto Paint FX

TVPaint Animation 9.5 interface

Basical TVPaint Animation Professional interface Drawing space on the left / Storyboard on the right Drawing space at the top / Storyboard at the bottom Animation (by Paul and Sandra Fierlinger) + layers' colors Xsheet presentation Peg-holes registration Lip-synch and sound area FX : Wrapping grid FX : Scan Cleaner FXs : Auto Paint + Particles Generator FX : Chroma Keyer Drawing recoreder

Animated Gifs

You can dowbload those images to present TVPaint Animation on your website, forum or blog.

TVPaint Animation 10 banners

Christmas Cat Cow

TVPaint Animation 9 banners

20th Anniversary Girl Landscape (English) Landscape (French) Cat Cat 2 (vertical) Cow

TVPaint Animation 8 banners

School Bird (English) Bird (French) TVPA8

TVPaint Animation Creation Pack banners

Creation Pack v1

Press file