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Computer assisted animation : comfort, versatility and freedom

TVPaint Animation is a 2D software based on bitmap technology. Thanks to this technology, you can animate natural renderings (gouache, watercolor, oil painting, crayon, pen...) traditionaly (image by image).

TVPaint Animation doesn't impose a graphical style nor a workflow. Feel free to mix animation on paper and digital animation, do rotoscopy, use different software or simply make your project with TVPaint Animation entirely.

Full animation with TVPaint Animation

By combining Wacom© tablets technology (Cintiq, Intuos...) and the power of TVPaint Animation drawing tools, you will find all the advantages of paper animation without its drawbacks. Draw, animate et instantantly play your animation thanks to the remote : the time where you lost time with tedious line-test is over.

Avoiding those off-putting steps will make you earn time to improve your art.

"Mouse" by David T. Nethery, step by step

TVPaint Animation contains all the necessary tools to animate without a paper stage : management of the layers and the images, light table, rotative workspace, image library that can store references and model-sheets, guidelines with vanishing points to make animations in perspective...

Various functions will also ease navigation in the images in your timeline, such as bookmarks and image marks (whereby you can mark keyframes).

And thanks to the flip panel, you will be able to customize the preview of your animations by setting up your own shortcuts.

Finally, you can use the out of pegs that allows you to temporarily adjust the Light table display of your drawings, through moving , rotating and scaling. This feature makes it much easier to do inbetweening on separate parts of a drawing. It works just like it used to be done on paper by taking the drawings off the peg bar. This is the essential function for animators, inbetweeners and cleaners !

Animate on paper and TVPaint Animation

by Nathan Otano Despite the advantages of computer assisted animation, many people still prefer to animate on paper and scan each sheet in order to ink and colorize on the computer. TVPaint Animation makes it possible to optimize their production thanks to features likes :
● the compatibility with DV camcorders and webcams, to line-test quickly your animation ;
● the "Peg holes registration", which re-aligns automatically each sheets from the peg bar holes ;
● the "Scan cleaner", which deletes white pixels (the paper) and only keeps the drawing lines. And if your drawings are really "clean", you won't need to ink them : you could directly color them.

Colors and textures

Oripeaux - Sonia Gerbeaud and Mathias de Panafieu TVPaint Animation offers three different filling tools. Each of them has their utility depending on your needs.

• The Color & Texture Generator layers (Professional Edition only) have lots of advantages which will make colorization of a lot of animated sequences easier and faster, and even if your lines are unclosed or drawn with a pencil.
You can also generate libraries of indexed colors. Then, if you change your mind about the color of an element, changing it will be a piece of cake. Besides their facility to colorize image sequences, CTG layers can also apply a texture tracking on these elements, to give more life to your animations.

• Another tool, located in the Filled free hand tool, will optimize the coloring step. This feature is called "Fill inside" and allows you to circle quickly a zone to color : it is really useful, especially if your characters have a lot of details.

• Finally, you can also use the paint bucket with many different parameters to configure. Using the option to fill on a separate layer, you can conserve the original lines on one layer and put the coloring on the next.
You could even avoid the "holes" from an uncomplete line, in order to fill a zone, wihout overflowing. The "Auto pick color" feature combined to the Light table will allow you to pick up colors from the previous image and then, fill a zone in the current image.

Thanks to the mask and the papers (textures), you will be free to add textures on a different layer.

If you wish to have advanced color renders, don't hesitate to read our solution "Drawing & Illustration", which will learn you more about the drawing tools possibilites.

Beton -  Ariel Belinco & Michael Faust The Lighthouse Keeper - Les Gobelins l'école de l'image Junkyard - Hisko Hulsing Le petit blond avec un mouton blanc - Metronomic
Various examples of possibles renders with TVPaint Animation

By the way, some special effects will be really useful to help you in your coloring step, such as :
• the effects "Color replacer" and "Tint replacer" (as you suppose, they allow to change a tint or a color from an image) ;
• the effect "Expand" (really handy to expand a flood fill, but it keeps the nuances of gradients and transparency) ;
• the effect "Line colorize" (that allows your lines to automatically take the color of the flood fill colors below).
• some effects, like "Inlay Texture" or "Brush Spreading" will help you to apply textures in your animations.

Feel free to read the page about Post-production & FX to know more about this.

Merge techniques with hand drawn animation

The Battle of Cable Street - Yoav Segal TVPaint Animation imports very easily any video in most(all?) of the common formats (avi, mpeg...). Importing a video or an image is really easy : a simple drag and drop into TVPaint Animation. These videos will then be placed into an animation layer as an images sequence. Thanks to this system, you could add layers above the layer containing the video and draw your key images, without affecting the original video.

The Battle of Cable Street - Yoav SegalAnd thanks to the custom brushes' "Smear source" mode, you will have an easy solution to give a crayoned or painted aspect to your videos.

It's also possible to mix video and animation. For example, you can integrate a person filmed before a blue background into a cartoon. You will obtain this result by combining the Keyers effects of TVPaint Animation Professional Edition to the animation layers.

With TVPaint Animation , feel free to merge techniques :
• make animated characters interact within live-action sequences ;
• made stunning rotoscoping ;
• import 3D references (as videos) to animate 2D characters on complex camera moves ;
• animate 2D effects on 3D sequences ;
• etc.

Invest Northern Ireland - Cartoon Saloon Seppälä - Piñata Freak of the week - Fortiche Prod & Juanjo Guarnido Bubble Witch Saga 2 - Nexus Prod
Different examples of professional films merging 3D and live action sequences with 2D animation. Click on each thumbnail to know more about these projects.

Sound management

TVPaint Animation contains two important spaces above the timeline : the sound space and the timeline for notes. Thanks to these both spaces, you could manage one (with TVPaint Animation Standard Edition) or several soundtracks (with TVPaint Animation Profesional Edition), for which you can manage fades and volumes. And if you combine the sound reel, the notes and the image, creating lip-synch animation wil be simple and efficient.

TVPaint Animation is also compatible with the SyncMagic© technology, which will ease your work even more.

Step - Chad Essley

Various functions

Numerous features available in TVPaint Animation will make your work easier :

● the "Sketch panel", in order to draw your sketches in blue, your retakes in orange and the final ink in black into the same layer.

● use groups to classify your layers following their contain (background, character etc...)

● The "Stopwatch" will be a good ally to mark the rhythm of an animation, a dance or a music. The beat could be even turn into a storyboard, a layer or a sound.

● the "Repeat images" to loop selected images within a layer.

● thanks to the Guides (mentioned earlier), you will also be able to show a safe area or fields ;

● many FX are are available (camera movements, colors management, stylize effects...) about which you will learn more by reading the Solution "Post-production & FX".

● the custom panels will keep your custom brushes and your own buttons with scripts. These Tool bars can be exported and shared with other members of your team, so you can efficiently customize your pipeline.

● the Share manager, an indispensable tool to share on a local network your projects and custom panels with the members of your team.

Which version is right for me ?

100 pounds Stongo - David T. Nethery TVPaint Animation Edition Standard will satisfy your needs and will allow you to make great wonderful animated projects.

But thanks to TVPaint Animation Professional Edition you will improve your art and will benefit to :
● several soundtracks
● all the FX (the Standard Edition is missing some. More informations in the Solution "Post-Production & FX")
● the layer blending mode (read the Solution "Drawing & Illustration")