Your versatile software... ...for 2D animation

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Powerful tools for compositing

TVPaint Animation possesses many effects and filters to rapidly enhance your images, animations and videos, reducing the need to switch between TVPaint Animation and other programs!

FX Stack workflow

TVPaint Animation uses "keys" to animate effect parameters, the result of which can be instantly previewed. You can combine as many FX as you need within the FX stack.

The special effects used in the software are "destructive", meaning that they affect the imagery within a layer directly. However, you can render the results of your effects out to a separate, empty layer to avoid affecting the original source footage.

Effects Include

Particles generator + Auto Paint
Volumetric light
Brush Spreading used on rays of sun
Inlay Texture used on a moving shape
Among the numerous available FX, here is a little list of the greatest FX in TVPaint Animation :

Keyframer : Used for animating the translation(sliding), rotation or scaling of source imagery/footage. Source imagery could consist of the current layer, an open project, panoramic backgrounds, a custom brush image, etc.
Multiplane camera : Use a virtual multiplane camera to composite multiple animated layers together; each layer can be animated independently.
Particle Generator : to generate rain, snow, dust, flower's petals, music notes...
Volumetric Light : to create the appearance of crepuscular rays cast around a backlit layer element. (Works well on titles.)
Color Adjust : for adjusting an image's contrast, saturation, gamma...
Scan Cleaner : to make white pixels transparent and keep only the lines in your scanned images.
Warping Grid : to distort images. Used correctly, you can even imitate 3D rotations!
Advanced Keyer : to rid of greenscreen or bluescreen backgrounds from video footage elements for later compositing.
Blurs : gaussian, cubic, motion, central... for simulating motion blurs or depth-of-focus.
Stylize Effects : for stylizing your imagery with borders, glows, drop shadows or toonshading.
Transitions : fades, page turn...
● The Auto Paint : a sensational FX to show the diffusion of a painted line.
Brush Spreading : a powerful feature that changes the aspect of your stroke and turns pictures into painted jobs.
Inlay Texture : a great solution to apply an inner texture on a moving shape.

... and many more!

Exports and renderings

TVPaint Animation offers several ways to export your projects and work on them thanks to compositing and editing software.

Export project : export the whole project (scenes, clips, layers, images) as a single video file or as an image sequence.

Export project with EDL : available in "Publish storyboard", this feature exports one video per clip, soundtracks and create an EDL file. This EDL file allows an editing software to import videos and soundtracks in the good order.

Export clip : export the current clip, its layers and images as a single video file or as an image sequence.

Export clip as PSD : export your clip and generate one PSD per image. That way, each image will keep the layer stack of the current image.

Export clip as CSV : for the ones who prefer thinking with XSheet, CSV export generates a folder by layer, export each image and create a CSV file, which sums up your timeline as an XSheet.

Export clip for Flix : if you work with the famous collaborative software made by The Foundry©, this export is made for you.

Which version is right for me ?

Since TVPaint Animation Standard Edition is missing half, we advise you TVPaint Animation Professional Edition.

You can read this .pdf file to compare the complete lists of FX available between editions of TVPaint Animation.