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A good alternative for stop-motion

TVPaint Animation provides live video feed via camcorders DV and webcams(IEEE 1394).

"Giraf" by Raymond Gourrier


TVPaint Animation's video input includes many tweakable parameters : it allows the user to modify live camera parameters, such as hue, tint, luminosity, etc. and it allows overlaying the video feed in variable opacity, provides onion-skinning, and the ability to draw directly over the live feed.

After grabbing video stills, the user can :
● Adjust the timing of individual frames (for further details, read the Solution for "2D Animation")
● Touch up images with the various drawing tools like the Healing tool
● Add animation layers in order to animate text, drawins or particles (rain, snow, flowers...)
● Add FX ("distortions", "blurs", color corrections, "warping grid", etc... Read the Solution for "Post-production & FX")
● Use Keyers to rid of green/blue screens.

Suspend a camcorder from a stand and use TVPaint Animation as a line-tester !

Which version is right for me?

TVPaint Animation Standard Edition can grab still from webcams and DV camcorders to be compiled into animations. Layers and effects can then be used to stylize the imagery afterwards.

In addition, TVPaint Animation Professional Edition contains the Healing tool and advanced Effects, like Keyers and distortion effects.