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New features: TVPaint Animation 11.5 is now available!

Discover the latest version of TVPaint Animation 11! With this new version you will be able to:

• Convert and export your TVPaint files to MP4 format,

• Full screen access to your drawing sheet with a simple shortcut,

• Colorize faster with our new color selection mode,

• Benefit from the Multi back-up option activated by default,...

Discover the full list of new features regarding TVPaint 11.5 here.

TVPaint Animation 11.5: A demateralized version of TVPaint

Your TVPaint Animation is now completely dematerialized.

The purchase of a new license will no longer require sending a dongle by post. You will just receive an email with all the instructions on how to download and install your license.

More information about how my TVPaint 11.5 works? Click here.

What if you already have a dongle?

If you already have version 11, the version 11.5 update is available freely in your user account.

For those with an earlier version of TVPaint, click here.

Your license with dongle doesn’t work anymore on MacOS Big Sur? Click here.