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Standard Edition

TVPaint Animation Standard Edition

TVPaint Animation 11.5 Standard Edition is a raster-based software made for animation and drawing.

Animation tools

• Infinite layers and images ;

• Import footage : video, image sequences, pictures, photos… any pixel-based file format (even PSD files) ;

• Import one soundtrack (MP3 or WAV) ;

• Make you lip-sync an easy step thanks to the timeline for notes, synchronized with sound and animation ;

• Paper friendly : line-test, pegs registration, import scanned image sequences‎, scan cleaner, etc ;

• Export sequences in AVI, PNG or TGA with alpha channel.

Drawing tools

• Stunning brushes and papers to emulate traditional media ‎;

• Guidelines (vanishing points, image guides, etc.) ;

• Rotating workspace.

A customizable software

• Create your own brushes ;

• Make your own ‎action buttons and use our script language ;

• Use custom panels to put together your brushes and action button ;

• Make your own color scheme.