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TVPaint Animation Creation Pack

Created by artists for artists, the TVPaint Animation Creation Pack is an add-on DVD packed with indispensable tools to extend the possibilities of TVPaint Animation Professional and Standard Edition.

What doest contain TVPaint Animation Creation Pack ?

The TVPaint Animation Creation Pack contains 4.5 Gb of extras on a DVD-Rom. It includes:

* 1500 custom brushes
* 600 papers
* 50 george scripts
* 50 palette and color mixers
* 15 FX-Stack convolution presets
* The Video Canon plug-in 2.0 (PC only)
* 63 free sound samples

If you want to know more about the TVPaint Animation Creation Pack, please click on a link above.


1500 Custom Brushes presets sorted by categories (1Gb of data!!) :

_ Nature : leaves, vegetation, clouds, snowflakes, ...
_ Drawing tools : blending oilbrush, scanned watercolor, paint strokes, ...
_ Textured tools : lines, dots, blurred shapes, ...
_ Warp and Shift Brushes with a wide range of power settings, ...
_ Miscellaneous : musical notes, footprints, jigsaw puzzle, ...
and much more !

Some brushes


600 original kinds of paper

Almost 2.0 Go of data including : manga textures, fiber papers, papyrus, parchment paper, kraft paper, cardboard, ... and several seamless textures !

Some papers

George scripts

50 George scripts

The many George scripts included in this pack will allow you to easily create animated content such as electric arcs, fractals, clocks, buttons, zaps, arrows, stars, etc ...
It also provides with tools to optimize the creation of animated custom brushes and the generation of papers.

George scripts : paper generator

Color picker

50 new Color Bins and Mixers

Bin example Mixer example

FX Bin

15 Convolve FX presets

Several FX Stack presets to use with the convolve effect at its best.

Convolution : rotoscopy


The plug-in Video Canon 2.0 (available for PC / not available on Windows Vista/7/8)

This new version of the Canon plug-in allows you to control your Canon camera and to modify in real-time the AutoFocus Lock, the AutoExposure/AutoFocus, the AutoFocus Distance and the shooting mode in addition to all the functionalities available in the 1st version. The plug-in does not work with EOS Cameras.

Video Canon 2


63 free sounds as bonus

A wide selection of 60 sounds in Wav and Mp3 formats especially created to add sounds to your animations :
a town/contryside atmosphere, klaxon, glass breaking, and several cartoon-related sounds, etc ...

Glass fall with breaking Man whistling
Heavy traffic Boing

These 63 sounds were created by Aurelien Dalmasso (aurelien.dalmasso[at]libertysurf[dot]fr) and Benoit Depriester (depriester.benoit[at]hotmail[dot]fr).