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TVPaint Animation 9.5

TVPaint Development Co. is proud to release version 9.5 of TVPaint Animation Standard Edition and TVPaint Animation Professional Edition for its users.

There are of course many new features and improvements in TVPaint Animation version 9.5 , and among these we believe you will particularly appreciate the following ones.

Click here if you want to see all the new features in TVPaint Animation 9.

Drawing tools

The Project tab becomes a Storyboard tool

The Project Tab is now a Storyboard Tool

With TVPaint Animation 9.5 Professional Edition, users can create TVPaint Projects (*.tvpp). Projects can contain multiple segments of animation (now called "Clips") , and each Clip has it's own timeline and layers. Clips may further be organized together to make "Scenes".

A new Project Tab has been created to help you manage all of your Clips. With it , you can display thumbnails of all of your animation segments, providing a "storyboard-style" overview. This view may be switched to show only images , or show images with text descriptions in various arrangements.

The following features have been added to Projects:

-Buttons to manage Scenes and Clips (Add, Delete, Select, Duplicate...)
-Buttons to change the layout (horizontal, vertical, thumbnails and timeline) and thumbnail sizes.
-Output your Project's storyboard to HTML so they can be viewed or printed in any web browser.
-A Description Panel to write information about your project (creation / modification date, author etc...)
-Add soundtrack directly on your storyboard and playback it.

Storyboard tab

Since a Project is hierarchically-organized, the Export Panel is now able to export individual animation segments (Clips) or the entire Project in (as well as Custom Brushes, like before) in TVPaint Animation 9.5 Professional Edition. 

In the Standard version, you can create thumbnails and export them (however, no project playback or export available)

The Camera tool

The new Camera Tool is available in TVPaint Animation 9.5 Professional Edition exclusively. With this Camera tool, you can quickly and easily create camera movements. You can also choose between viewing your animation with the camera point of view enabled or not. This tool is quite useful to create camera movements for an animatic.

Camera tool

The new Transform tool

The position tool can now :

-move the entire image
-only move the mask
-only move a selection


Many new keyboard shortcuts has been added :

CTRL-T : use the position tool
CTRL-4 : move on the left
CTRL-8 : move higher
CTRL-6 : move on the right
CTRL-2 : move lower

The Smear Stamp mode (and other Animbrush modes)

Get down and dirty with the Smear Mode! Your brush colors will mix with the colors of other brush strokes that it comes in contact with (on the same layer)!
(red + green = brown)

New modes have been added for the animated brushes, in order to give you more creative possibilities .

Smear stamp

The new Color Mixer

The Color Mixer is no longer limited to one size : a Color Mixer Palette can be huge. Also, Color Mixer images may have a transparent background, rather than the original opaque white.

Color mixer

The Text Editor

A new window to choose and preview Fonts(Sizes and Styles, etc.) for the Text Brush has been added.

Text editor

The new Main Panel

The Main Panel has been streamlined to be easier to use and understand for new TVPaint Animation users.

Main panel

Other improvements and new functions

The new Animator Panel

The Animator Panel returns with a fresh look after being merged with the Instance Panel (created by Raymond Gourrier).

Yellow Buttons: Select
Red Buttons: Delete
Green Buttons: Duplicate or Modify
Blue Buttons: Effects (FX)
White Buttons: Clear

Animator panel

The Backup option

Now you may set your Preferences to select how many backup files you want. Each time you save your main file, the previous backup file is renamed with the current date and hour. The number of backup files stored on the disk depends on the number you have chosen with this option (2 = 2 backup files)

This option helps you avoid losing your work because of an undesired change, a computer freeze/crash, or a corrupted file...

The format of the backup files name is : file_name.tvpp.Year.Month.Day.Hour.Minute.Second. To open a file like this, just click and drag it into TVPaint Animation 9.5 or delete the numbers (The file has to finish with a .tvpp) and double-click to open the file.


The Peg Holes Registration

A new Peg Holes Registration function is now available from the Windows menu. Thanks to the Peg Holes Registration function , the scanned animation drawings (from traditional animation on paper) may be properly aligned quickly and easily. This allows scanning to be performed off-pegs with an Auto-Document Feed scanner or off-pegs on a flatbed scanner, which saves time by not requiring the drawings to be taken on and off a peg bar during the scanning process. (this also saves some wear & tear on the peg holes)

Peg holes tracker

The new Video Input Panel

The Video Input panel which allows video to be captured to TVPaint Animation (for stop-motion animation or for live-action video reference) has been improved : now the Video Input panel can be custom configured and resized.

Video input panel

New Project preset formats available

Now when opening a new project, you can configure a Drawing area and the final output with the Camera View.

For the TVPaint Animation Standard Edition, only the drawing area can be modified, because the Camera Tool is a special TVPaint Animation Professional Edition feature.

New project preset format

Otherwise, using TVPaint Animation to create illustrations for print and the web is now even easier with new preset dimensions for: US Letter, CD Cover, A6 to A3 at 150DPI, or common vertical and horizontal web banner sizes.

New project preset format

New Project Docking in the Menu Panel.

The upper Menu Panel has been modified to show all of the currently open Projects while docked at the top of the window.

Moreover, the Proxy has been improved significantly to interact more efficiently with multicore processors.

Managing projects

New Instances' handles

A new Instance handle has been added to the upper left corner of individual frames allowing the frames to be moved within the duration of a set of frames without affecting the position of the surrounding frames.

Instance handle

Sound now totally works on Windows Vista and 7

All previous problems reported with exporting soundtracks into TVPaint Animation 9 with Windows Vista and Windows 7 are now resolved in TVPaint Animation 9.5

New Commands are available

Here is the complete list of the new commands available on TVPaint Animation 9.5

* tv_custommode r1 g1 b1 a1 k1 r2 g2 b2 a2 k2 r3 g3 b3 a3 k3 r4 g4 b4 a4 k4 [unmultiply mode]
* tv_clipcurrentid
* tv_clipenumid ShotID/0 ClipPosition
* tv_clipinfo
* tv_clipselect ClipID
* tv_clipnew Name
* tv_clipname ClipID [new name] -> Old Name
* tv_clipmove ClipID ShotID PositionS
* tv_clipclose ClipID
* tv_clipduplicate ClipID
* tv_clipaction ClipID [new text] -> Old Text
* tv_clipnote ClipID [new text] -> Old Text
* tv_clipenumid ( use -1 as shot number) to enum each clip in the project
* tv_clipdialog ClipID [new text] -> Old Text
* tv_scenecurrentid
* tv_sceneenumid ScenePosition -> SceneID
* tv_scenenew
* tv_sceneclose SceneID
* tv_scenemove ShotID Position
* tv_sceneduplicate SceneID
* tv_CameraEnumPoints index -> return x y angle size
* tv_CameraInsertPoint Index x y angle size
* tv_CameraRemovePoint Index
* tv_CameraSetPoint Index x y angle size
* tv_layercolor get layer_id (return color index of the layer id)
* tv_layercolor set layer_id color_index
* tv_layercolor lock color_index
* tv_layercolor unlock color_index
* tv_layercolor show display color_index
* tv_layercolor show timeline color_index
* tv_layercolor hide display color_index
* tv_layercolor hide timeline color_index

Several code optimization/improvements

Yes, the TVPaint Team always works on the code to try to give you the best performances of the software !