Your versatile software... ...for 2D animation

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, all delivery times are delayed. Moreover, as we will all be working for home, please use our Contact form if you have any questions. Thanks for your comprehension.

"All-in-one" software

By Paul and Sandra Fierlinger TVPaint Animation is a complete and versatile software dedicated to drawing, storyboarding and to 2D traditional animation (including management of soundtracks), and all in a single interface.

Our software uses bitmap technology, which allows you to mimic lifelike traditional renderings : pencil, watercolor, oil painting, charcoal, oil pencil… The flexibility of our technology allows you to create your own drawing tools, thus your own artistic renderings.

A flexible and transportable security system

"The Dam Keeper", an animated short-film from Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi (Pixar Animation Studios artists). TVPaint Animation was used for pencil animation only, not for colouring process. TVPaint Animation works with a dongle, which is like a USB key, allowing to activate the software.

This physical protection allows you to be mobile, as it can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux, without technical constraint (only one driver is necessary) : you are free to install your license as many times as you need, without time limit.

Work alone or in team

11 Second Club - September 2013 - Paul Schwarz As a freelancer, you can work as a team, with a studio or at home.

For TVPaint Animation, it's a piece of cake : indeed, studios and freelance artists use the same technology. You can easily work and share your work with your license, at home or at the office.

Technical support : fast, free and easy !

Leaving Home - Joost Lieuwma TVPaint technical support is free and all of our users can enjoy it.

Do you have questions ? Several options are available :
- for questions regarding the use of the software (how a specific tool works for example), we advise you to search in our on-line guide or use our forum.
- in case of a bug, a crash or every issue preventing the normal use of your license, contact your correspondent at TVPaint Développement or use our contact form if you haven't talked to a technician yet.

No additional fees

The licences you buy are acquired forever : no monthly or annual fee !

TVPaint Développement even proposes regular updates of the software (bug fixes, updates in operating systems, etc.)