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Students today, artists tomorrow

"The Dam Keeper", an animated short-film from Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi (Pixar Animation Studios artists). TVPaint Animation was used for pencil animation only, not for colouring process. TVPaint Animation is a professionnal tool used worldwide in many and varied productions :
• short and long traditional 2D films ;
• TV series ;
• pre-production (video games, 3D movies…) ;
• post-production and compositing (movie rotoscoping, 2D animation sequences in a live or 3D movie, effects animation – fire, thunder, smoke, etc.- in 3D sequences, etc.)

Its versatility comes from its numerous features  : storyboard, animatic, lay-out, lip-sync, key animation, inbetweens, clean, colours and compositing.

While being an intuitive software, mastering TVPaint Animation totally requires a regular and in-depth usage to allow your students to arrive in the animation industry with all the solid knowledge they will need.

Training for teachers or students

Because learning the basics of the software is vital to start properly, our technical sales staff offers trainings and workshops from 1 to 5 days.

During these trainings, you will learn how to * :
• create brushes and custom panels ;
• use the timeline and make animations on several layers and images ;
• draw a storyboard and turn it into an animatic with camera moves ;
• mix paper animation and digital animation (importing scanned image sequences, scan cleaner, peg holes stabilization…) ;
• apply and set FX ;
• manage soundtracks and timeline for notes ;
• and so much more !
*non-exhaustive and no contractual list.

As the price (and content) of the trainings may vary depending on your localization, the language spoken, the duration and the number of participants, we invite you to contact us and ask for a quotation.

Best solutions for your network

"Iluzia", made at the Bezalel Academy of Arts by Udi Asoulin and Uriah Naeh. This project is a great combination of two different animation techniques : stop-motion and 2D animation. From the most humble IT parks to the ones linking several hundred computers, we offer tailored solutions to optimize the use of TVPaint Animation in network, notably with its protection system : the dongle.

The use of a dongle greatly eases network installation (compared to DRM systems) and has the advantage to offer floating licences. Indeed, as the dongle limits the number of simultaneous connections, you are free to install TVPaint Animation on every client computer.

Whatever if you use Mac, Windows, Linux or hybrid (several opearting systems) networks, the flexibility of our technology frees you from technical limitations and allows you to configure your network as you wish. Indeed, network installation of TVPaint Animation only requires a few elements :
• the USB dongle(s) acting as physical protection, and their driver ;
• a file including your activation codes and the IP address of your server ;
• and of course, your TVPaint Animation network licences.

Besides, every purchase of a network licence includes a technical support to help install the sofware, that can be performed by email or skype with your correspondent at TVPaint Développement.

Discount prices for students

Every student should be able to continue his training at home. This is why we offer your students to buy a TVPaint Animation at a discount price (more than 50 % off on the price of a commercial license).

This investment has multiple benefits :
• students can safely continue their studies with the proper equipment ;
• no time limit ! The purchase is amortized quickly as they will be able to use TVPaint once they graduate* ;
• no additional fee to pay every year or every month ;
• students learn the value of the tools they are using, even if they are mainly digital. Working in the art industry also means understanding that every work deserves payment. This is also a way to teach them to become responsible adults ;
• be a member of TVPaint community and enjoy our professional netowrk ! Plus, this is the best way to guarantee a technical support in case of technical issues, or if they simply have some questions on the use of the software.

"The Reward" was a project made at Animation Workshop by Bo Juhl, Mikkel Mainz and Kenneth Ladekjær. They have now their own studio, "Sun Creatures Studio", and plan to turn their graduation film into a cross-media serie.

* Click here to read sales conditions for education licenses for students.