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Solutions for studios and companies

The TVPaint software is born in 1991, at the beginning of digital painting and 2D bitmap animations made with graphic tablets. Nowadays, TVPaint Développement is one of the last companies on the market to be always active in this domain.

This section is especially addressed to producers, film and studio directors, in order to give a better idea of what TVPaint can bring to you concretely.

"The Song of the Sea" directed by Tomm Moore and produced by Cartoon Saloon, Melusine Productions, Superprod, The Big Farm and Norlum.

TVPaint Animation : a standard in the 2D animation industry

Our technology is used by numerous companies through the world :
- 2D animation studios (feature-films, short movies, TV shows, advertising...)
- video game or 3D films creators(design, pre-prod, storyboard / animatic for film sequences)
- TV channels (opening credits)
- cinema studios (animation for documentaries, video retouch, etc...)

TVPaint Animation is also taught in many animation and art schools worldwide. Graduated students arrives in the market with a strong knowledge of the software.
You will find easily new people to reinforce your lines for your next production !

How do we work ?

Sketch for the game "Cut the rope", by Zeptolab. TVPaint Développement being a human sized company, we try, as far we can, to keep one or two correspondents maximum by production. This simplify conversation and it provides a better understanding of the most immediate needs.

Ideally, we proceed as follows:

As early as possible, sometimes several years before the beginning of the production of the feature film, we like to be in touch with the director and the artistic director, in order to know them better, to understand their universe and their graphic style through sketches and drawings.
It gives us an idea of the workflow to set up and, eventually, improvements to bring to our software.

Then comes the time of development tools. Always listening to you, TVPaint Développement will answer your needs and will know how to adapt the software to match it to your working methods: custom brushes, automation tools, scripts, filters, plug-ins research...
Our crew will do everything to please your needs by implementing what you need in the software (as far is possible, of course).

The next step is the creation of a workflow : Storyboard ? Animatic ? 2D  Animation ? Compositing ? Editing ?
It comes to choose which steps will be done with TVPaint's technology. According to that, it could be possible to define the export scripts, the associated nomenclature , the tools' libraries, how to manage files, etc...

Then comes the deployment of the floating licenses and the training of the crew (animators, colorists, lay-out men, storyboarders, etc...)

You are therefore ready to pass to the production, while benefiting of our support at any time!
Contrary to other companies, TVPaint Développement provides free support by email and by phone. And even though free, we make a point of honor to answer quickly and to give you all the answers needed to solve your problem.

No problems, only solutions

Adapt ourselves to technologies and techniques

Animated by Michael Schlingmann (aka Felix Sputnik) for "The Pirates - Band of Misfits", produced by Sony Pictures Animation and Aardman Animations.. Nobody works with only one software to make a film, a TV show or any other animated stuff : backgrounds in Photoshop, characters' libraries with Anime Studio and CelAction, colors with ToonZ, post-prod in After Effects, edition in Première or Sony Vegas...

Over the years and various requests, TVPaint has been always able to propose numerous standardization bridges. Thanks to them, you could communicate more easily with the different actors of the animation market.

classical image and video formats : .PNG, .TGA, .JPG, .AVI, .MOV, .MP4, .PSD sequences... All these formats are included in TVPaint and allow a simplified use with retouch and post-production software.

from storyboard to animatic : .HTML and .PDF formats allow you to view and share your storyboards made by your team. The .EDL files, as for them, will allow to refine the final editing of your animatics.

make the lip-sync easier : export an animation with the apparence of a Xsheet by using the .CSV format. And thanks to the compatibility with SyncMagic, lip-sync has never been so easy !

«  What's about the animation on paper ?  »

In addition of an easy communication with other software from the market, TVPaint Animation overflows with incredible features dedicated to accelerate and make the transition easier from « analog » to « digital » :
- possibility to load image sequences (scanned images or other)
- peg-holes registration
- scan cleaner (allowing to keep black lines and erase the paper background)
- DV camera's management for line-tests

Thanks to these features, even animation on paper is fast.


"Wolfy, the incredible secret" directed and produced by Prima Linea and winner of Cesar Award 2014 for the best animation film. TVPaint Animation includes a share manager, that allows your team to share their TVPaint projects and custom panels instantaneously, optimizing the working time : looking for a file on the network , sending emails or write notes are not necessary anymore. Just click : it's sent !

You plan to work with several studios and you would like to make them communicate, using solutions like Studio CAP, Hobsoft, Shotgun or others ? Here again, our developers will be able to find a solution adapted to your needs.

Other companies, like Digital Graphics or SyncMagic, manage a part of your production, like your special FX or your lip-sync ? Many scripts already exist for TVPaint Animation to allow a better interaction.

No matter if your production is in Europe, USA or Asia, we have shaped our solutions in function of the different productions' pipelines and we are at your disposal to adapt our software to your needs.

More than 23 years of expertise in the domain of drawing and 2D traditional animation are at your reach.

TVPaint : a strong alliance and an infaillible support !

Take advantage of TVPaint's network

No matter if you are looking for production partners, subcontractors, animators, etc... your correspondent at TVPaint has THE solution for you. Indeed, our software are sold in more than 70 countries, giving you a large sample of possible studios !

Moreover, our software is taught and used in several hundreds of schools through the world, including the most prestigious ones : Les Gobelins : L'école de l'image, CalArts, Animation Workshop... Finding new talents with your contact at TVPaint Développement will be a piece of cake.

Something more specific ?

Contact us Depending of your needs and the production type (animation, game, other...), our crew will not hesitate to travel to provide training session in your studio, even you are very far from France, if necessary.

Online trainings are also available via classic tools and easily accessible: Skype, Adobe Connect, UStream, etc …

Moreover, an assistance is provided 7/7 and 24/24 via our forum. This is a privileged place of exchange with other producers, animators and directors, our forum offers since several years a custom assistance at any time of the day.

For lots of people, this is the most effective way to obtain direct answers from our developers, and the advices of the community, always ready to help.

Are you ready to let the adventure begin ? Fill our contact form on that page and let's start to work together now.