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Various questions

Where does TVPaint come from ?

TVPaint Développement is a company based in France that created 2D animation software such as "TVPaint Animation", "TVPaint", "Aura", "Mirage" and "CBPaint".

Is TVPaint Animation new ?

The first version of TVPaint Animation (called TVPaint 1.0) was developed in 1991 on the Amiga. It means that TVPaint technology has spent at least as much time in development and use as other digital painting software.
The company was created in 1997 by Hervé Adam and his father.

Is it true that you bought out Mirage from Bauhaus Software ?

No. The TVPaint technology 7.0 (Mirage) is and always was TVPaint Développement property. Bauhaus Software was only a Mirage reseller from 2003 to 2005.

Could TVPaint Animation ever be made to run again on old OS, like Amiga, Be OS... ?

No, the technology evolved too much. Those computers wouldn't be able to manage our software as it is now and in the future.
Nevertheless, TVPaint 3.5.9 can be downloaded freely.

How do you decide how to improve the software ?

We look for recurring opinions about the software and take note of frequently asked features from our beta-testers and users. Many of our team members also come from graphical backgrounds, and this factors into many of our innovations. The best place to voice your suggestions is on the forum.

Do you view 3D and 2D-vector mediums as a threat ?

Not at all. Both are completely different tools that do completely different jobs.
3D and 2D-vector software mediums allow people to generate graphical elements that 2D-pixel mediums cannot and pixel-based mediums can be used to generate graphical elements that cannot be reproduced with 3D or 2D-vector mediums. As a result, there are many productions that combine 3D-rendered elements along with 2D-vector and/or 2D-pixel elements.

TVPaint Animation now exists for Android. When will you release an iPad / iPhone version ?

Currently, Apple products (iPad, iPhone) are not pressure-sensitive. So, this is not interesting to use TVPaint Animation if you cannot use the pressure at least.

Moreover, an application for iPhone and iPad can be sold only on the Apple Store. Apple controls on your application (and can decide to remove it from the store) and takes 30% on each sale.

And finally, the Apple Store system blocks an application on an Apple product : you are not free to install your software anywhere, as you currently thanks to the dongle on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Who uses TVPaint software?

TVPaint software is versatile enough for a wide variety of industries and productions, both large and small. To date, they include:2D and 3D animation studios, special effects studios, video games developers, production studios, freelance artists, dubbing companies, art students, TV networks, hobbyists...

Why don't you advertise more in graphics magazines ?

Magazine advertisements and review article commissions take too much money that would be better spent in development.
The quality of artwork that you make with our products and the outspoken opinions of our users are the best advertisements we could ever have.

Does TVPaint Développement support associations and young film-makers ?

Yes. We bring them all the technical support they need and we can promote their movies on our website and various art forums where TVPaint is active. However, we cannot offer funding nor free licenses.

Can I add my art to your gallery ?

It will be our pleasure. Please, contact us.

Is TVPaint Developpement subsidized ?

TVPaint has received no financial support since 1997. However, we received the "Prix Coup de Coeur" of the "Trophées Lorraine Export", organized by the "Chambre du Commerce et de l'Industrie" of the Lorrain region (where the company is set).

Are my teachers/friends paid to praise TVPaint Animation ?

Nope ! If people tell you they like TVPaint Animation then they're just sharing their opinion. Well... maybe we offered them a soda during a very hot day :)

What is your position towards software piracy ?

We've put years of hard work for years into the TVPaint Technology. Our legitimate users have paid for licenses with their earned money and we have always done our best to support them through the years after the sale. Every bit of quality entertainment you experience such as films, music, video games and the software programs used to make them has to be developed by hard working people who have to earn a living.
We offer students reduced prices for TVPaint Animation as they are the future generation of TVPaint Animation users. However, we also often hear: "I learned about TVPaint Animation thanks to the cracked version!". But people never switch to legitimate versions of TVPaint Animation, even when they can afford to. However, many people who became successful professionals with the help of cracked TVPaint software forgot the value of our work. There are animated films out there made with cracked versions of our software that were made with the financial support of various organizations, and not a penny of it was spent to pay for the software necessary to make those films. Do you think that's normal ?
We aren't a giant software company that can afford the expense of huge salaries, fancy cars and scuba diving trips to exotic places, and we definitely cannot afford piracy. We want you artists to be successful with TVPaint software, but we need your help so we can continue to improve the software that helps you.

How can I become a Beta-tester ?

We choose ourselves our beta-testers by observing their professional career, their knowledge about the software, their activity on the forum, and what ideas they can bring to the software... So, show us your determination and maybe you could be rewarded with an "NDA" (Beta Non-Disclosure Agreement) by mail.

Why is your website and software available in only 3 languages ?

Translations are expensive and take a lot of time. Furthermore, we can't offer support for languages that we don't speak.

I dislike the website and the software's UI. Why don't you improve them ?

We always improve the software's interface and the website's design, but unfortunately, we cannot satisfy everybody. However, you can submit your suggestions on our forum.

Why aren't you in Paris ?

Because Paris is not the only city in France. In addition, our location allows us to easily visit our users in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium... and of course, the rest of France !

Does TVPaint Développement want to kill off traditional animation ?

Don't be silly. TVPaint Animation is not meant for replacing traditional animators.
Instead, a traditional animator armed with TVPaint Animation no longer has to buy stacks of paper, cels, paint, inks, pencils, a multiplane camera, etc. etc.
Even with TVPaint Animation, you'll still need to perform key animation, in-betweening, layout, storyboarding, lipsynch, colouring, inking...
It's not a robotic program that does everything at the touch of a button, but it is a fantastically flexible medium for traditional animation.

Why should I buy TVPaint Animation if I have to draw every image ?

Thanks to the bitmap technology, you can imitate easily the traditional renderings (gouache, watercolor, oil painting, chalk...), without being subjected to their disadvantages (having several brushes, letting the painting dries etc...).
Secondly, you can make a project entirely with TVPaint Animation, without switching with another software. From the first sketches to the final compositing, TVPaint Animation Professional Edition is a complete animation studio : it contains light tables, caption stands, lip-synch tools, special effects, storyboard and advanced animatic tools, drawing tools, customizable UI...
You can work alone or with a team and you earn time, as you don't have to test your animations or scan them anymore. Thanks to our technology, our users consider they work about twice fast.

If you are not convinced, feel free to download the demo version or ask for user's experience on the forum.

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