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Dongles and codes

What is a dongle ?

A dongle is an USB device that is similar to a flash drive. It's a security system that allows to unlock the software.
However, dongles can be used to unlock the same software on different computers. This means that you can install TVPaint Animation on as many computers as you need (at home, or at work, on a laptop, etc.), but the dongle will only allow software access on the computer that it is plugged into.

Network licenses use special dongles, that allow several computers to run TVPaint Animation at the same time, provided that they are connected by the same network.

I've just sent a request for my unlock code to TVPaint. When will I receive an answer ?

For security, all codes are generated manually so you will typically receive the unlock code by email within a few days. Keep your activation codes secret from other people and keep them preciously.

How can I download the latest version of TVPaint Animation ?

Find your activation code and click here. You can also perform updates from within your software, by selecting the menu entry: "Help => Check for updates".

I don't remember my TVPaint Animation codes anymore! How can I find them again ?

If TVPaint Animation is still installed on your computer, please go into the menu "Help => About TVPaint Animation". A window will appear.Right-Click on the rectangle where informations about your license are written (the User Name and the Lock Code). Copy the informations and paste them into a word-processing software. You will have then your Lock Code and your Unlock code.

If TVPaint Animation is not installed anymore, please contact us and include your name, license number and if possible, your invoice number.

I've just (re-)installed TVPaint Animation and I can't find the unlock code. What should I do ?

Please contact us and include your name, license number and if possible, your invoice number.

Do the dongle always have to be plugged into the computer to run TVPaint Animation ?

Yes and take care not to disconnect the dongle while the software is in use. However, you can use the dongle on any workstation that has TVPaint Animation installed - but not simultaneously.

I've broken my dongle, what should I do ?

Send the broken dongle to us and we'll send you a new dongle for a nominal replacement and shipping fee. Contact us for more information before you do so.

I've lost my dongle, what can I do ?

You'd better look a lot harder or pay for a new TVPaint Animation license...
It seems pretty brutal, but you must understand that your dongle is your license. Sending another dongle means sending a new free license. We have no way of differentiating unlucky people from dishonest ones.

That said, never lose your dongle !

Can't you clone a dongle that matches the one I've lost ?

Unfortunately, it's impossible because the dongles are made by another company (Safenet). Each dongle is unique.

We ordered network licenses but we don't know how to install them and we can't find any guide on your website. What can we do ?

Installing network licenses always need to follow specific steps. That's why it's better to be followed by a technician from TVPaint Développement. Please contact your correspondent or use the contact us form.

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