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Where can I buy TVPaint Animation ?

You can purchase TVPaint Animation directly from our TVPaint Développement's website. We also have resellers in some countries, but none of them are exclusive resllers. Don't be fooled by companies or websites offering shady "discount" licenses. In some cases, they would send you an illegal and unusable license, or worse yet, you'd get ripped off (especially if you use your credit card to pay). Why not pay directly the developers who are earnestly trying to improve your favourite software ?

Why can't I find a reseller in my country ?

Why do you need a reseller? We export TVPaint just about anywhere in the whole world. Anyway, don't hesitate to contact us if a reseller is absolutely necessary.

What are the differences between the Education and the Full Commercial licenses ?

The price. Except this, the features are exactly the same and there are no time limit. Students can even use their licenses after their study, as Freelance artists.
It is totally forbidden to install an Educational license at a company or commercial animation studio.

Why aren't there Educational upgrade prices ?

Because Educational licenses already benefit from a big discount on the Full Commercial licenses. If you want to upgrade your Educational license, you have to pay the Educational price again.

But in students cases, we accept that they pay only the difference between the Standard and the Professional Editions under the condition that they are still students using the same software. (For example, this offer would not be available if you wanted to upgrade from the Standard 10 to the Professional 11).
Of course, when your Student status has expired, you have to pay the Full Commercial price.

Should I renew my license every year ?

Of course not! Neither educational licenses nor full commercial licenses are time-limited (except in special cases). Nevertheless, we advise you to download the free, incremental updates.

I've just bought a TVPaint Animation license. I've received the Paypal notification, but nothing from TVPaint Développement.

Sorry, but we don't send notifications. If you received the Paypal notification, it means we received it too. The package will be sent as soon as possible.
If you have questions about the shipment, please read this FAQ.

How much do the updates cost?

Incremental updates are free. Only the major version number upgrades have a cost.

Why are the prices in Euros?

Because our company is based in France, a country which changed the Franc for the Euro as a member of the European Union in 2002.
By the way, prices converted in other currencies available in the webstore are only estimates for informational purposes. Please check the exchange rate between Euro and your currency before proceeding with a purchase. TVPaint Développement cannot be held responsible for deviations between converted prices on the website and the current exchange rate.
More informations are available from the Sales Conditions.

I wanted to order a license and my card was refused. Why and what can I do ?

Sometimes, PayPal can refuse credit card :
• the amount is too big for your bank account or you reach your monthly expenses ;
• your bank won't let you pay in euros ;
• your bank account is from a country and you are paying from another country ;
• you cannot use your credit card outside your own country.

Please contact your bank and make sure they will accept the payment. If PayPal still refuses your credit card, then contact us.

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