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Due to the current Coronavirus situation, delivery times are delayed for the USA, Europe, China, south Korea and Japan. Moreover, as we will all be working for home, please use our Contact form if you have any questions. Thanks for your comprehension.


How long does it usually take for packages to arrive by mail ?

● Europe: 1-3 days, depending on the distance between France and your country.
● USA and Canada: 3-4 days
● South America: ~5 days
● Africa: ~5 days
● Asia: ~5 days (except Japan : just 3 days)
● Oceania: ~5 days
● France : 1-2 days

NB: We cannot ship to PO boxes because FedEx requires a signature upon delivery. The address must be written with the latin alphabet. Customers living in a country that uses another alphabet (Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabian...) will have to translate their address to latin letters.

TVPaint Développement cannot be held responsible for delays, clearances (out of European Union) and other vagaries of mail shipments.
However, if your package hasn't arrived by the aforementioned times, contact us and we will attempt to determine where your package is and when it will arive..

How is your software delivered ?

We use FedEx to make deliveries because you will need a dongle to run TVPaint Animation. Software is only sent electronically when you upgrade your license (so you can save on shipping costs).

Why can't I find TVPaint Animation in stores ?

Because we prefer to deal with our users directly. Our database system makes it more efficient for us to verify your identity in case you lose your codes, invoice or installer cd. If TVPaint Animation was sold in stores, it would become much more complicated.
Physical stores have overhead costs to compensate for - by buying directly from TVPaint Développement, you get better prices and your software is always up-to-date.

Are there countries where you can't ship a package ?

Wherever FedEx ships, we can ship.

What's about custom taxes ?

●For EU countries: if you don't have a VAT number (generally given to companies), you will have to pay the French VAT, which is +20%
●For countries outside of the European Union : you will have to pay the customs and duties fees from your own country. Those additional fees must be covered by the user.

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