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Why can't I separate the main window from the other panels, like in other programs ? It's especially important for multiple monitor setups...

TVPaint Animation uses a proprietary UI instead of standard OS UI libraries, which comes with many advantages at the cost of free-floating windows and palettes. TVPaint Animation's User Interface has been optimized to refresh much more efficiently and quickly than other programs that rely on standard OS UI libraries. TVPaint Animation's UI is consistent between all OS ports of TVPaint Animation. Tablet pressure graph controls, specialized sound and animation tools and other custom controls would require exorbitant amounts of CPU power to update and redraw via separate windows.
However, TVPaint Animation's main window can be stretched across multiple monitors and the panels and canvas windows can be moved around to your liking. You might want to disable the panel bins (Edit => Preferences => Display)

I have another brand of graphics tablet (Genius, Trust, VisTablet...). Will it be compatible with TVPaint Animation ?

Since we can't test compatibility with every tablet brand and model in existence, it is a good idea to test your tablet with the Demo Version of TVPaint Animation.

Why isn't my camera compatible with TVPaint Animation ?

Originally, TVPaint Animation was compatible with DV Cameras and webcams.

When in doubt, test your cameras and capture cards with the demo version. We cannot offer refunds in situations where the software is incompatible with your hardware.

I'm a Mac user and I only have 1 button on my mouse, how can I perform a right click ?

The equivalent shortcut for the right mouse button in TVPaint Animation for OSX is [SPACE + normal click].

I'm a 10.6 Mac user and TVPaint Animation can't find my printer. What should I do ?

If you can't print directly from TVPaint Animation, try exporting your work and use one of the built-in image editing programs to print.

I'm a Mac 10.6 user and TVPaint Animation can't find my scanner. What can I do?

Try scanning and saving your image with the software provided with your scanner. Then you can import it in TVPaint Animation.

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