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Import / Export with TVPaint Animation

Why do you have problem with Quicktime when importing / exporting ?

Apple abandoned Quicktime file format. In order to support our users and allow them to use .mov format on TVPaint Animation 64 bit version, we had to use different libraries.

In other words, importing / exporting Quicktime format (.mov) does not always work perfectly and may bug.

To use Quicktime format, you have to install also the Professional Edition - 32 bit version on your computer.

Anyway, we strongly advise you to use another video file format, like AVI (internal) which is proposed by default in all software Editions, for all operating systems.

Why aren't the proprietary formats like (After Effects .AFX, Flash .FLA, ToonBoom etc...) compatible with TVPaint Animation ?

Because the file structures of these proprietary formats are often either a carefully-guarded secret or require royalty payments to be supported by TVPaint Animation.
The developers of other programs would also have to incorporate support for *.TVP and *.TVPP files and, at present, we have made no such arrangements with them.
However, TVPaint Animation is able to import and export layered Adobe Photoshop .PSD files and EDL files for editing programs, like Vegas.

Which file formats can TVPaint Animation import?

TVPaint Animation can import many conventional image and video formats such as: mov, avi, divx, wmv, mpeg, gif, png, tiff, tga, jpeg... When it comes to importing video, everything depends on the codecs you have installed on your workstation.

Can TVPaint Animation import sound?

Yes! Sound files can be imported directly into the timeline. We advise converting your sound files to *.MP3 or *.WAV files. If you have the necessary codecs installed, you can also import videos along with their sound track.

What formats can TVPaint Animation export?

Common Still Image Formats: Bitmap, Deep, Gif, Jpeg, Png, Psd, Tga, Tiff
Common Still Video Formats: : Avi, MP4 and Ogg (Linux only)
Specialty Image Formats: Cineon, Dpx, Fli, Ilbm, Pcx, Sgi, Softimage, Sunraster, Vpb.

Can I export images sequences ?

Yes, of course. TVPaint Animation lets you choose between exporting single images, images sequences and animations. For animations, TVPaint Animation can even export the soundtrack.

How do I import images sequences with TVPaint Animation?

Ensure that all images belonging to a sequence share a common base name ending with a sequential number (for example: image01, image02 etc...).
Ensure that the numbering of all images belonging to a sequence are contiguous. (For example, if you are importing a sequence of 3 images with the filenames: image01, image02, image04, then TVPaint Animation will only import up to image02 since image03 does not exist.)
Drag and drop the first file (image01) onto TVPaint Animation. From the import panel, uncheck the "Single Image" checkbox and then click on the "Import" button.

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