TVPaint Animation 11.7 is out

We are proud to announce that the TVPaint Animation 11.7 update is (finally) out.

Introducing the TVPaint converter

TVPaint Animation 11.7 new feature converter

For this update, we are excited to unveil a new tool that is available for all users of the Professional WIBU Edition of TVPaint 11.7: the TVPaint Converter.
This new application will allow you to export multiple TVPaint projects at once without having to close TVPaint Animation. It can also be used to convert video files into new TVPaint projects. We hope studios will find it useful for their animation pipeline.

The TVPaint Converter is available for TVPaint animation Professional edition for Windows and macOS.
Check out the converter’s documentation.

New features and user-friendly improvements in TVPaint Animation 11.7

This update is also packed with a lot of new features. We have worked hard to improve a few of its most used tools and fix bugs to make TVPaint even more user-friendly. Here are a few key features of this new update:

  • New interface scaling options are available
  • Lock panels in place to prevent them from being accidentally moved
  • Bigger handles and interface scaling
  • DPI support and PDF export option for printing
TVPaint Animation 11.7 improvements

With update 11.7’s more flexible software, users can work on any screen size that may be required of them as TVPaint has increased the number of screen scaling options. Similarly, handles are now larger on the timeline, making it easier to grab them when working on a smaller screen.

TVPaint Animation 11.7 new feature DPI and PDF export

In TVPaint 11.7, users will be able to export drawings or any individual frame from their animation with a higher DPI ratio than in the past. With this improvement, artists have more options for their work such as printing individual frames or exporting their artwork to other supports.

The whole change log listing all the improvements and bug fixes is available on our forum

We will also release short videos regarding the update’s new features and the TVPaint Converter. They will be hosted on our social media accounts.

As always, this update will be available for free for all TVPaint 11 users.
Update now from your user account.
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