TVPaint Animation 11.7.2: release note!

Hello there!

TVPaint Animation 11.7.2 is finally here. This update mainly focuses on bugfixes.

What’s new in TVPaint Animation 11.7.2?


The After Effects import script has been updated with a new interface and bugs have been fixed (you won’t have to change workspaces for the script to work).

Reorganized color groups when using a clean configuration of the software:

Before :




An option has been added to reset all positions in the Transform Tool:

You can now set DPI values for a project with camera.
DPI info is now displayed in the project’s tooltip.
PDF tab is now the first tab to be displayed in the Publich export panel.

Timeline / Storyboard:

  • Modifying text in the Storyboard sections is now considered a project modification.
  • Writing text in the Storyboard sections is now undoable.

What has been fixed and/or improved in TVPaint Animation 11.7.1?


  • The software will now once again tell you that an update is available.
  • Pick Layer tool now works again when pressing the mouse/stylus.
  • Fixed a bug that modified the camera framerate to 0 in rare situations.
  • Texturizer window now display correctly depending on the interface scaling.
  • Fixed small preview in tool connection not updating when its curve is resetted.
  • Fixed Wet profile of Custom Brush not correctly loaded.
  • Fixed a bug that duplicated an imported audio track.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash due to memory consumption when drawing.
  • Shorcuts using Ctrl + Alt should now work.
  • Removed the “Field” and “Aspect Ratio” options in the Startup Panel.


  • Zooming out in the Timeline Notes should no longer cause a crash.
  • Preferences > Clip Thumbnails > Play on mouse hover now works again in the Standard Edition.
  • Prevented a crash from happening when using the Transform tool when a CTG layer is selected.


  • Keyframer no longer hides current layer when using Custom Brush as source.
  • Keyframer Z position and size is now correctly applied when using the new pivot system.
  • The “Erase” mode now works on again on the Keyframer.


  • Barbecue checkbox now only appears on Android (it never did anything on non-Android devices anyway)
  • Removed Template option in startup config popup.
  • Removed Vertical Timeline option in the Preferences panel: it was not a proper Vertical Timeline, and we do plan on proposing a proper Vertical Timeline later.
  • Removed Network tab in preferences panel.
  • Default Audio Sampling Rate is now 48000 Hz (was 44100 before).


  • Webcams should now be working on macOS once again.
  • The macOS Preferences entry now opens TVPaint’s Preferences.
  • Fixed a lag that was happening with the default Cross & Arrows cursors.


  • Android version should no longer crash when drawing, selecting brushes or selecting text input areas.
  • Android version should now correctly display icons on the default custom panels in the right drawer.
  • Size of the “Save project” window has been reduced.
  • TVPaint will now only be displayed in Landscape mode


  • Fixed a crash that could happen if a CTG layer had a different length than its source.

For technical reasons, there is no RedHat (rpm) build of TVPaint Animation 11.7.2 yet. It will be uploaded at a later date.

TVPaint Converter:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the progress bar from moving while loading TVPP files.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent files from being added in the task list.

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