TVPaint Animation 11.7.2: release notes!

Hello there!

TVPaint Animation 11.7.2 is finally here. This update mainly focuses on bugfixes.

What’s new in TVPaint Animation 11.7.2?


  • The After Effects import script has been updated with a new interface and bugs have been fixed (you won’t have to change workspaces for the script to work).
  • Reorganized color groups when using a clean configuration of the software:




  • An option has been added to reset all positions in the Transform Tool:
  • You can now set DPI values for a project with camera.
  • DPI info is now displayed in the project’s tooltip.
  • PDF tab is now the first tab to be displayed in the Publich export panel.

Timeline / Storyboard:

  • Modifying text in the Storyboard sections is now considered a project modification.
  • Writing text in the Storyboard sections is now undoable.

What has been fixed and/or improved in TVPaint Animation 11.7.1?


  • The software will now once again tell you that an update is available.
  • Pick Layer tool now works again when pressing the mouse/stylus.
  • Fixed a bug that modified the camera framerate to 0 in rare situations.
  • Texturizer window now display correctly depending on the interface scaling.
  • Fixed small preview in tool connection not updating when its curve is resetted.
  • Fixed Wet profile of Custom Brush not correctly loaded.
  • Fixed a bug that duplicated an imported audio track.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash due to memory consumption when drawing.
  • Shorcuts using Ctrl + Alt should now work.
  • Removed the “Field” and “Aspect Ratio” options in the Startup Panel.


  • Zooming out in the Timeline Notes should no longer cause a crash.
  • Preferences > Clip Thumbnails > Play on mouse hover now works again in the Standard Edition.
  • Prevented a crash from happening when using the Transform tool when a CTG layer is selected.


  • Keyframer no longer hides current layer when using Custom Brush as source.
  • Keyframer Z position and size is now correctly applied when using the new pivot system.
  • The “Erase” mode now works on again on the Keyframer.


  • Barbecue checkbox now only appears on Android (it never did anything on non-Android devices anyway)
  • Removed Template option in startup config popup.
  • Removed Vertical Timeline option in the Preferences panel: it was not a proper Vertical Timeline, and we do plan on proposing a proper Vertical Timeline later.
  • Removed Network tab in preferences panel.
  • Default Audio Sampling Rate is now 48000 Hz (was 44100 before).


  • Webcams should now be working on macOS once again.
  • The macOS Preferences entry now opens TVPaint’s Preferences.
  • Fixed a lag that was happening with the default Cross & Arrows cursors.


  • Android version should no longer crash when drawing, selecting brushes or selecting text input areas.
  • Android version should now correctly display icons on the default custom panels in the right drawer.
  • Size of the “Save project” window has been reduced.
  • TVPaint will now only be displayed in Landscape mode


  • Fixed a crash that could happen if a CTG layer had a different length than its source.

For technical reasons, there is no RedHat (rpm) build of TVPaint Animation 11.7.2 yet. It will be uploaded at a later date.

TVPaint Converter:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the progress bar from moving while loading TVPP files.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent files from being added in the task list.