TVPaint Animation 11.7.3 is now available 🥳.

This update fixes bugs and improves control over the layer structure export parameters.

Free for any TVPaint Animation 11 user 😉!

Download it from your user account ⬇️

Sooooo… What has been fixed and/or improved in TVPaint Animation 11.7.3?

⭐️ General

Brush profile curves are now correctly saved and loaded upon change.

Replaced the “Export all” and “Ignore Duplicate Images” options in the export panel with single export parameters.

There is now:

  • one checkbox for “Empty images” (turned on by default)
  • one checkbox for “Duplicated images” (turned on by default)
  • one checkbox for “Exposure cells” (turned off by default)

⭐️ Sound

m4a files can be imported once again.

Audio files playback no longer cuts off before the end of the animation / track.

Fixed a crash that was happening when importing FLAC files.

⭐️ macOS

There should no longer be parasite noise when playing audio tracks.

Brush no longer stays in “Eraser” mode after switching back from the eraser end of the Wacom stylus.

Due to technical issues, this update is not available for Linux yet. Once those issues are solved, we’ll release Linux builds.

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