TVPaint Animation
Professional Edition

Animation by Lorenzo Fresta

Color and Textures Generator (CTG)

Changing the color of a drawing is now child’s play!
CTG layers make mass colorization of animated sequences quick and easy, even when dealing with non-closed pencil strokes.

The Professional Edition also allows you to generate indexed color libraries. Use the CTG layers’ texture tracking feature and give more life to your animations!

Special effects (FX)

The Professional Edition includes a whole set of useful special effects. Some of those will allow you to:

  • Lay a flat tint while preserving any transparency touches or shading-off effects with the “Expand” effect.
  • Automatically colorize your lines based on the flat tints of your other layers with the “Line Colorizer” effect.
  • Add texture to your animations with the “Inlay texture” and “Diffuse brush” effects.

Image library and Share Manager

The Professional Edition features an Image Library to store your textures, your model sheets and your references. The stored items may be sourced from an external file, from your current layer or from the current display (regardless of layer types). The library is saved together with your projects.

The Share Manager lets you share your projects and your Custom Panels with the other members of your team on a local network .

Storyboard, animatics and layout

The Professional Edition allows you to organize your project by scenes and clips, and to create storyboards which you may publish or export as animatics.

Add dialogues, draw, import actions and notes, soundtracks, etc. Use the Camera tool in your projects to extend the drawing area, create movements and add different zoom levels to your animation.

Larger-than-life drawing tools

Imitate all kinds of renderings, from calligraphy to impressionist paintings, with a wide range of preset brushes and various types of included paper textures.

Edit photographs and remove any unwanted items with the “Healing” drawing mode.
Deform, bend or stretch drawings just like chewing gum with the “Warp” tool. You can correct minor drawing mistakes with surprising ease.

Optimized audio management

Manage several sound tracks with TVPaint Professional Edition.

Change the volume of each track and add fade ins and fade outs.